Real Life Somerville Police Stories

Pena arrest

I Officer Joseph Teves was working my assigned shift in marked cruiser East 2. At approximately 16:00 hours I received a radio transmission from Somerville
dispatch requesting that I respond to Target located at Somerville ave for a larceny. At this time , Officer Brioso was dispatched as well for my backup. As we entered the parking lot of Target we were updated by Somerville dispatch that the person in question was using some sort of tool to cut off security tags. As we made our way to the store front I could see two individuals pointing franticly at a Brown Lexus , and shouting “that is them in that car! Stop them they just stole a galaxy tablet!”

At this point I activated my emergency lights in an attempt to stop the vehicle I pulled my cruiser over behind the vehicle As I approached Officer Brioso made his way to the passenger side of the lexus and made contact with a male party who would be soon identified as Roque Pena. Officer Brioso asked Mr. Pena he had a knife on him. Mr. Pena replied “I have no knife… what are you talking about?” As Officer Brioso was searching Mr. Pena I noticed him place a small multi tool on the roof of the vehicle along with some other miscellaneous items.

At this point I retrieved the multi tool from the roof of the vehicle and asked him what it was. He insisted that it was just a pair of pliers. I asked again if it possessed a blade inside of the multi tool . As officer Collazo were searching the vehicle for the stolen Samsung Galaxy tablet. After just a few minuets of searching the passenger compartment of the vehicle Officer Collazo Found the Galaxy tablet. The tablet was tucked under the passenger side front seat, along with a small pair of wire cutters. Now that we had recovered the stolen table.

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