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Lydon arrest

The following is a brief summary of the incident. It does not contain every minute detail of the arrest. On the above date and time, while assigned to the Somerville Police PD Narcotics/Vice Unit, working in an undercover capacity, operating an unmarked Police M/V, I was performing a surveillance of the Cross St area for illegal narcotic transactions and sales. This area of
Somerville has been a hot bed of drug activity for the past 18 – 24 months. Several search warrants and numerous arrests have been executed in this particular area of East Somerville. In the course of my surveillance, along with Dets. J. Hyde, K. Shackelford, and A. Collazo, I was situated on Cross St near the intersection of Tufts St. when I observed the defendant, Darryll Lydon, walk past me in a southerly direction toward Tufts St. Defendant Lydon is well known to the Somerville PD Narcotics Unit. He turned left onto Tufts St and then right onto Washington St. In the interim, Det. Shackelford ran the defendant through WMS, checking for any possible outstanding warrants the defendant may or may not have lodged against him. Det. Shackelford observed that the defendant had 2 active warrants out of Chelsea District Court. The defendant had a continuance date for 1/3/2014 that he did not appear for. Once this information was confirmed through SPD Control, our unit made a stop of the defendant.

This stop was conducted on Washington St. in front of Cataldo Ambulance, which is located in the area of #137 Washington St. Dets. Hyde, Collazo, and Shackelford made the initial stop and I came upon them within a short period of time. Knowing that the warrants were confirmed in WMS, the defendant was placed into handcuffs and advised of the situation (active warrants out of Chelsea District Court). Det. J. Hyde performed a pat down frisk/search of the defendant for weapons and/or contraband incidental to the arrest. Det. Hyde located a small, knotted, glassine baggie in the defendant’s right, front mini jeans pocket. Inside this knotted baggie were several of the following pills:

Based upon the above stated facts and circumstances, I advised the defendant that he was under arrest for the above stated charges, he was transported to the Station, via Wagon #200, the Prisoner Transport Vehicle, by Off. Teves, where he was booked and advised of his rights by Lt. Vivolo.

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