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Feliz arrest

On January 8th, 2014 I was working plain clothes in an undercover capacity as a Narcotics Detective. At approximately 12:30pm, the following Narcotics Detectives James McNally, James Hyde and Ariel Collazo, set up
surveillance in the Walnut St. and Grandview Ave. area in the City of Somerville. Surveillance had been initiated based on an ongoing investigation being conducted by Detective Collazo.

During our surveillance, at approximately 3:00pm while parked on Walnut St. at the intersection of Pleasant St. I observed a grey Chrysler Pacifica Massachusetts Registration # travel past my vehicle and park on Pleasant St near Walnut St. The operator did not exit and appeared to be waiting for someone. I queried the status of the vehicle and the registry indicated that the vehicle was registered out of Lynn, MA to a . Detective Collazo who was parked on Pleasant St. observed a young white male walk down Pleasant St. from Vinal Ave and enter this vehicle (as the vehicle slowly traveled down the street). The vehicle traveled to the intersection of Pleasant St. and Vinal Ave. where the white male exited and entered a black motor vehicle. The distance of where this individual was picked up and then dropped off is a short distance of approximately three houses. The white male who entered the black vehicle traveled down Vinal Ave towards Summer St. and the Chrysler Pacifica made the first left turn onto Summit Ave. both heading in different directions. Based on our training and experience we know this is a common method on how street level narcotics sales are sometimes conducted. I would like to point out that on the prior Saturday, January 4th Detectives Collazo and Detective Hyde made a narcotics arrest within the same location.

Based on our observations,training, experience and Detective Collazo’s current investigation in this area, we believe this meet to be consistent with a street level narcotics sale. As we followed the Chrysler van, from Summit onto Walnut St., Detective Hyde requested a marked vehicle to conduct a stop of the Chrysler Van. Somerville Marked Unit East 3, Officer St. Hillaire conducted a stop of the vehicle. Upon the initial stop, the operator pulled over and then proceeded to drive away again but was cut off by Detective Hyde. Detective Hyde then requested the operator identified as, Geison Feliz DOB#01/03/1975 to exit the vehicle. The operator identified by, New York License #164301569. When I queried the status of Mr. Feliz’s license, a board of probation check revealed that he had a recent open case for (10/07/13) Distribution of a Class “A” Controlled Substance (Everett Police Department, Malden District Court). Mr. Feliz had extended past the 30days as a Massachusetts Resident and had not obtained a Massachusetts Drivers License.

Post Miranda given by Detective Hyde, Mr. Feliz acknowledged his rights and advised Detective Hyde he was lost. When asked if he had stopped to met anyone or pick anyone up, Mr. Feliz stated that he did not stop to meet with anyone nor did anyone enter his vehicle. Mr. Feliz repeatedly denied having anyone in his vehicle. He further stated to Detective Hyde that he was moving but did not know the location he was moving to. After Mr. Feliz’s less than truthful answers, Detective Hyde requested K-9 Unit Sgt. Panzini to respond to the scene. While conducting a search of the vehicle, Detective McNally observed $60 in the center console. Detective Collazo observed two cellular phones and a GPS on the front passenger seat. During the stop Detective Collazo made note that Mr. Feliz’s cellular phones were constantly ringing. On a couple of occasions Detective Collazo answered the phone and spoke to individuals who made references to meet locations and expected time of arrivals (consistent with street level narcotics sales).

Upon Sgt. Panzini’s arrival, he identified Mr. Feliz as an individual who was arrested in Everett for Distributing Heroin to an undercover officer. Sgt. Panzini’s K-9 “Xando” alerted to the odor of narcotics in the interior of the vehicle specifically the passenger seat and center console area. While the search was being conducted, Mr. Feliz stated to Detective Hyde, “If I was a drug dealer, I would have a lot of money because I would be making stops all day long.” Under a floor board in the back seat area, I discovered a small clear zip lock bag containing a green leafy substance, based on my training and experience, I believed this substance to be marijuana, a Class “D” controlled substance (small amount placed into evidence for destruction). A further inspection of the interior of the vehicle, Detective McNally and Sgt. Panzini discovered a napkin hidden within the interior roof above the drivers seat. A closer inspection of the napkin revealed a clear plastic bag containing 13 clear plastic bags containing brownish powder, packaging consistent with street level narcotics sales. Based on their training and experience, they believed this substance to be Heroin, a class “A” controlled substance.

Mr. Feliz was placed under arrest for possession with the intent to distribute, “Heroin” a Class “A” controlled substance and not being duly licensed. Mr. Feliz was transported to the Somerville Police Department via Somerville Marked Unit 200, to be booked by, Lt Mulcahy. The $60 in U.S. Currency, the grey Chrysler Pacifica Massachusetts Registration and the two cellular phones will be subject to forfeiture Proceedings.

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