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Perez arrest A&B

About 2230 hours on Saturday, 12/28/13, while assigned as Delta
Fifteen within the Somerville Police Criminal Investigation Division, I, Detective DiFronzo, responded to for a report of a stabbing.

The victim stated that about 2000 hours on the above stated date, she and her girlfriend/witness, , arrived at the defendant’s (Perez) residence located at Pearl Street . , Somerville to have dinner. The victim stated that shortly after she entered the defendant’s residence; a heated verbal argument ensued. As words were exchanged and tempers flared, a physical altercation occurred and the victim was sucker punched in the face by the defendant sending her crashing to the floor.

The victim stated that as she regained her composure, she jumped on top of the defendant and punched her several times in the head and torso area. The victim stated that she was pulled off the defendant by the witness . The victim was ordered by the defendant to leave her residence and never return. The victim reluctantly complied and was escorted outside.

Once outside, the victim realized that she had left her coat and pocketbook inside the defendant’s apartment. As she re-entered the apartment complex, she knocked on the defendant’s door. The defendant opened the door and a physical altercation between the two resumed.

The victim stated that the defendant ran into her apartment and came back with what appeared to be a silver kitchen knife and repeatedly stabbed her on her left arm (humerus & forearm area) causing blood to splatter inside the defendant’s apartment, on the victim’s clothes, the stairs, landings and on the threshold area leading into the aforementioned apartment. The victim stated that the witness was able to wrestle the kitchen knife away from the defendant. As the victim screamed in pain, she was taken to the Hospital by the witness and an unknown female.

The victim sustained severe lacerations and was treated with non life threatening injuries at the
The witness further stated that she pulled the victim off of the defendant and in a fit of rage, the defendant ordered the victim to leave her apartment and never return. The witness escorted the victim outside and she observed the victim’s shirt was torn. The witness stated that she did not observe any visible marks on the defendant.

As she re-entered the defendant’s residence to retrieve the victim’s personal belongings, she herd a knock at the door. The witness stated that the defendant opened the door and to her surprise, the victim was standing in he doorway. The witness stated that the two combatants started to fight and the defendant ran past her, entered the kitchen area, grabbed what appeared to be a silver kitchen knife and stabbed the victim repeatedly with it in the arm.

The witness stated that she was able to take the kitchen knife away from the defendant and was shocked to see the amount of blood emanating from the victim’s wounds. The witness stated that she immediately grabbed white paper towels and applied pressure to the victim’s wounds. The witness stated that she called a friend for a ride and took the victim who was wincing in pain to the Hospital for medical assistance.

: Prior to entering the said address, this investigator observed the defendant, Cynthia Perez standing inside of the apartment complex. As entry was gained, the officers cautiously approached the defendant and placed her under arrest; she was taken into custody without incident.

The defendant was charged with Assault to Murder, Armed, c265 S18 and Assault & Battery with Dangerous Weapon to wit: knife c265 S15B. The defendant was transported to the Somerville Police Department for booking and processing

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