Spoiler Alert: Belichick is a jerk by Neil McCabe

What are you supposed to do? The coach of the New England Patriots has had a successful run, not just as the team’s coach, but as good a run as any coach ever.

A Super Bowl win would mean that Belichick won two Super Bowls as an assistant with the New York (Football) Giants and four as the coach of the Patriots. Not bad, making eight trips to the big game and walking away with six rings.
What is the problem, then?
The problem is that William S. “Bill” Belichick is a jerk.
Just ask Vincent Shenocca, the New Jersey stucco contractor, whose wife Sharon was swept away by Belichick as his own 30-year marriage to Debby ended in 2005.
Oh, wait, you cannot ask Vincent because he is no longer complaining, a crucial part of the settlement.
Vincent knew Bill and Sharon were friends from their days together at the Giants, but he did not expect the New England coach to buy for Sharon a $2.2 million townhouse in the fancy Park Slope Brooklyn neighborhood and finance her legal moves to bring the couple’s children to Brooklyn.
The New England coach gave Sharon tens of thousands of dollars in cash, paid for Jersey shore beach rentals and flew the former Giants receptionist to Super Bowl XLII that capped the 2007-2008 Super season with the Giants beating the Patriots 17-14.
Maybe the coach should have been a little more focused on the game.
Former Patriot cornerback Asante T. Samuels told a Miami radio show that whenever Belichick walked hand-in-hand with his girlfriends to practice, the mood got giddy on the practice field and the tough atmosphere got soft.
Hmmm. Trying to remember if there was a third down play in the fourth quarter of the 2007 Super Bowl where Samuels came up a little short. Was he still in the romantic fog that surrounded his coach?
Remember, Sharon was not the only girlfriend visiting the coach during the big game that year. Linda Holliday, another wife with kids, also spent time with the Patriots coach.
Although both women visited Belichick for Super Bowl XLII that closed out the 2011-2012 season with the Giants (!) beating New England 21-17. By then Sharon was on the way out.
It was the season that quarterback Thomas E. “Tom” Brady Jr., called a play “Cougar” named for Linda.
Do you not remember that was the year Linda announced that she would not allow her man to wear his red hoodie along the Super Bowl sidelines.
In a pre-Super Bowl interview, wide receiver Wesley C. “Wes” Welker said his coach was relaxed and seemed happy because of the influence of the love of his life, Linda. Maybe if the coach had seemed less relaxed, Welker would have held on to one or two more of the passes he was hired to catch—but, do not ask my opinion, ask Brady’s wife.
At the start of the 2012-2013 season, Belichick sold Sharon’s place in Brooklyn, which apparently was never really hers. In the six years since those crazy times, the price of the brownstone went up to $2.75 million, which only a cheap shot artist would describe as “the wages of sin.” I will not.
But, here we are at the cusp of another playoff run. Back win the Patriots were winning Super Bowls, Belichick had the reputation as a guy who working all the time, ignoring his wife.
Then, somehow this guy, this nerd, became an obnoxious playboy. It was not that he became rich. His family was well-off and he was always well-paid as an assistant and head coach. It was something else.
Perhaps after years of devotion to his craft, if not his Kraft, three Super Bowl wins seemed enough.
Or maybe there was something about Debby that made him prefer the practice fields and film rooms at the Patriots complex in Foxborough.
By all accounts, there is only Linda in Bill’s life now. They are a public couple at team functions and social events around town. But, if the Patriots make it to the Super Bowl XLVIII, I would request that Belichick hold off on bring any of his women to practices or press conferences or anything anywhere near Rutherford, N.J.’s MetLife Stadium.
C’mom, coach, focus on winning another Super Bowl—don’t be such a jerk.

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