Your 2013 “Top Cops” of the Somerville Police Department

20131219-090232.jpgPer order of Somerville Police Chief Charles J. Femino; the following members of the Somerville Police Department are hereby recognized for their commendable actions during the year 2013. Please join the Command Staff as we recognize these Officers on December 20, 2013.

Officer Fernando Cicerone ​​​​Chiefs Achievement Award
Officer Shackelford​​​​​Life Saving Award
Officer Sylvester ​​​​​​Life Saving Award
Officer Monaco​​​​​​Life Saving Award
Officer Sullivan​​​​​​Life Saving Award
Officer Schneider ​​​​​Life Saving Award
Officer Neil Collins​​​​​Community Service Award
Captain Trant ​​​​​​Meritorious Service Award
Lieutenant Vivolo ​​​​​Meritorious Service Award
Lieutenant Carrabino​​​​​Meritorious Service Award
Sergeant Rooney​​​​​Meritorious Service Award
Officer D. Dottin​​​​​​Meritorious Service Award
Officer DiFava ​​​​​​Meritorious Service Award
Sergeant John Tam​​​​​Honorable Service Award
Sergeant Rico Isidoro​​​​​Honorable Service Award
Officer Collins ​​​​​​Honorable Service Award
Officer Howe ​​​​​​Honorable Service Award
Officer Schneider ​​​​​Honorable Service Award
Officer Ward​​​​​​Honorable Service Award
Officer Cicerone​​​​​​Honorable Service Award
Officer Capasso​​​​​Honorable Service Award
Officer Ameral ​​​​​Unit Citation Award
Officer Monaco ​​​​​Unit Citation Award
Officer Sullivan​​​​​Unit Citation Award
Lieutenant Gerald Reardon ​​​Arthur Regan Award
Officer Kiely​​​​​Investigator of the Year
Sergeant Lavey​​​​​Letter of Commendation
Officer Nadile ​​​​​Letter of Commendation
Officer Capobianco​​​​Letter of Commendation
Officer DiFronzo​​​​​Letter of Commendation

Congratulations, to all recipients

Charles J Femino
Chief of Police

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