My Sincere Congratulations to the Somerville Voters Who Actually Came Out and Voted For Who and What They Believed In

By William Tauro

I applaud all the residents who actually took the time out of their daily lives and came out and voted for their candidate, Somerville Mayor Katjana Ballantyne who they supported and believed in who supports their causes. I think that is so totally awesome and like I said, I totally applaud them.

All Somerville residents had the same exact opportunity to do the same, but all the complainers who are always complaining just sat on their hands and missed the boat! Out of 54,000 registered voters that reside in Somerville and to have only 16,600 voters come out is a total disgrace. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.

Where were the thousands of Somerville homeowners and residents that are constantly out there complaining on a daily basis about high taxes, inflated water and sewage bills, the severe rodent issues, removal of parking spaces, collapsing municipal buildings, understaffing of police, fire and DPW departments, unsafe schools, condemned fire stations, homeless population sleeping and urinating on public sidewalks, political corruption, rising crime, shootings, the deplorable conditions of our streets and sidewalks, sewage problems, flooding, eminent domain takings, tax assessments of their properties, paying capital gains fees or any kind of tax fee to the city once they sell a home?

Where were the businesses owners and our useless Somerville Chamber of Commerce and their useless sponsor that’s located in the big Bank on Winter Hill? I’ll tell you where they were, they were nowhere to be found to stand up for our residents and local businesses. The voters who wanted change that didn’t come out to vote failed this city miserably. They get what they didn’t vote for!

It was a perfect day out on Election Day with wonderful weather. My campaign offered free courtesy rides to the polls. It was advertised everywhere in local newspapers, and of course we can’t forget three separate mailings that were mailed out each to 51,000 registered voters in the city including 42,000 live remember-to-vote calls and mass texting. We also could not forget the multiple standouts, pamphlet drops and an amazing social media blitz all year long on multiple social media platforms that were sent out.

Somerville residents were also offered absentee ballots, mail in ballots and early voting options as well, and again they all failed this city miserably. God only helps those who help themselves please remember that.

We can’t say that I didn’t get elected because of me being a bad candidate, it’s because people who wanted change, the complainers, exactly 37,400 registered voters simply didn’t come out and vote that’s why.

My campaign staff, volunteers and supporters did an incredibly amazing job and has spent tens of thousands of dollars on this campaign and countless hours notifying every resident of their options. If I had a chance to change anything, I wouldn’t change a thing at all in our campaign because we did everything that we possibly could do to make things happen, but again the complainers failed themselves by not coming out and voting it’s as simple as that.

So the next time that you hear residents and business owners start complaining about the rats, the roads, rent control, bike lanes, bus lanes white poles, widened sidewalks, traffic lanes taken away, mini rotaries at every intersection and horrific streets etc, etc, ect…please remind them that they were too lazy and irresponsible to cast a ballot for what they stand for and what they believe in. Shame on them and thank you to the Somerville voters who did vote and I thank you!

And for those of you out there who are wondering about my political future plans, yes I will be running and tossing my hat into the ring for office again  possibly in a different capacity that I will announce soon.

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