Global Warming Attributed By Design

By Richard Scirocco

The acknowledgment of the high rise buildings, contributing towards the Global Warming Crisis has finally been addressed and recognized by all in attendance, at a local Ward 2 meeting held on October 25th by Mayor Ballantyne. An individual question was raised, by a calmly spoken woman named Alice referring, to the challenge of large buildings blocking the wind, and, in consequence, of the domino effect, heating up the areas surrounding it.

She was very sympathetic and genuine as she offered design solutions, reiterating that common sense has been ignored and has given way to greed by overdevelopment. Many factors contribute in past observations, to back her claim, despite the objections by developers and construction firms. Dating back over a half of a century when global warming was more of a chanting phrase to local protestors, than a reality looming over every country, the outcome has become a center stage topic.
The warming of the surface has many contributing factors that arent aways taken into consideration. Many comments have expressed concerns for the tar paved streets which emits heat. The energy we display, the vehicles we operate,  the forest fires all over the world. It is almost guaranteed that more debate will follow before any real impact of change creates the difference.

2 thoughts on “Global Warming Attributed By Design”

  1. It’s almost unbelievable that this was written by a barely literate former mayoral candidate charged with distributing cocoon in the news magazine of a barely literate mayoral candidate arrested for insurance fraud.

  2. What profound statement from a guy who was a roofer. Whoever thought he was that caught up in the climate debate.

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