Vote William “Billy” Tauro on November 7th

My sincere plea from the bottom of my heart to everybody in Somerville! I love you all with my heart! I’ve been around with the city assisting and getting involved with pleasure for over 45 years, it’s nothing new, contributing to our community.

I have bent over backwards for everybody and I will always continue to do so with extreme pleasure as always, but I cannot stress how important it is to tell everybody you know on November 7th, your neighbor, your friends, your mailman, everybody to come out and vote for me on November 7th because I am doing this for us, our Somerville! I could be anywhere on the planet today, but I chose to be in the city that I absolutely love with the people I love forever, so please help me become your next mayor of Somerville so we can preserve it for generations to come! I absolutely care! May God bless you all and I love you all and you all know that, Billy 👍  🙏

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