Cantina La Mexicana’s Last Day Open After 29 Years In Somerville

By William Tauro

An end to an era tonight in Somerville. My friend Robert and his family, the very hard working owners of Cantina La Mexicana Restaurant located at 247 Washington Street in Somerville are closing their doors forever tonight after 29 years in business in the City of Somerville. The restaurant owner’s family blames that the current mayor’s choice of developers over small businesses caused this one of many closed down mom and pop shops within the city of Somerville.

Cantina La Mexicana had its start back in 1995 as a small taqueria, formally known as Taqueria la Mexicana. Owners Robert & Carolina Rendon have since transformed that small Taqueria into what is now a full service restaurant. Although the appearance may have changed, Cantina still serves the same classic dishes that Taqueria had built its reputation on.

If elected mayor of Somerville, I will absolutely promise that mom and pop shops and all Somerville residents will be protected under my watch forever and I would never sell out to developers for any reason on earth. These mom and pop shops have been the backbone that have made Somerville the greatest city on earth. If elected all local businesses will have my eyes, my ears, my absolute full attention and yes you will be represented by me. I promise you that I won’t be happy until you’re happy.

One thought on “Cantina La Mexicana’s Last Day Open After 29 Years In Somerville”

  1. This is exactly what wrong with Somerville and it’s been going on for a long time, the city is totally against small business. They cater to the bicycle mob, but never to an established business. All over the city less parking more bicycle lanes. That will not I repeat will not provide enough customers to sustain the businesses. Look around there are many vacant store fronts. Rising costs and a city don’t care as long as the woke mob controls them. By the way my pronouns are A.H AND S.H..
    these pronouns are for people with woke pronouns.
    The owners of LaMexicana are great people but are not politically connected. That’s how you get screwed in Somerville.
    Good luck my friend

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