This Week’s QUOTABLE QUOTES on Beacon Hill

By Bob Katzen

The NAACP held its national convention in Boston last week for the first time since 1982. Here’s what some of the participants said:

“This is really an opportunity for us here in Boston to reintroduce ourselves to Black America. We know the perception, the reputation we have as one of America’s most racist cities. This moment gives us the opportunity to reframe that.”
—NAACP Boston Branch President Tanisha Sullivan.

“We aren’t at the promised land by any means. But nowhere else in America is, either. But we aren’t what we were.”
—Former Gov. Deval Patrick.

“What I know about the leaders who are here is that the members of the NAACP are up to the challenge to fight for these hard-won rights and freedoms. And we know every day we must be vigilant in protecting that which we have achieved and keeping our eyes on our vision — our collective vision of how we can continue to strengthen our nation.”
—Vice-President Kamala Harris.

“If you want policymakers who align with, say, your lived experience, who share your values, who operate with a sense of integrity and intentionality to get things done, they don’t get there by accident. They’re placed there by people who vote. And so I’m going to keep stressing that as a theme that keeps coming up.”
—Massachusetts Attorney General Andrea Campbell.

“They continue to wage a war on education, health care, and opportunity to create new ways to criminalize our brothers and sisters and we have all felt the impact and bitter sting of this bigotry and bias. But today and every day after, the NAACP will not back down.
— Leon Russell, NAACP National Board of Directors Chairman.

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