By Bob Katzen

The Senate President Karen Spilka (D-Ashland) announced a pay hike for all Senate employees. All staff members who began work prior to May 1, 2023 will receive a 7.5 percent pay hike beginning July 31, 2023. For example, a staffer who currently earns $50,000 will receive a $3,750 hike to $53,750 while an employee earning $100,000 will receive a $7,500 bump to $107,500.

“I know I reflect the feelings of the Senate members when I say that we are deeply appreciative of all of your hard work,” said Spilka in an e-mail last week to Senate staffers. “Thank you for your continued dedication to the Senate and the people of the commonwealth.”

Judicial and executive branch employees currently have the right to form a union but Legislative staff cannot do so. Two bills, H 3069 and S 2014, pending before the Legislature would allow these employees to unionize. The measures are giving little chance of success this year based on a recent comment from Spilka in July 2022 that “the Senate does not at this time see a path forward for a traditional employer-union relationship in the Senate as we are currently structured.”

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