Letter from the Editor:City of Somerville Closes Somerville Boxing Club

By William Tauro

It’s a very sad day in Somerville when we have to close the Somerville Boxing Club (SBC). This club kept the kids off the streets and kept them engaged in not just boxing, but a multitude of sports activities that kept these kids on a straight, narrow path since the opening of the club in 1978 by a group of boxers and enthusiasts eager to promote the sport and introduce local youth to the many benefits of training and competition.

I wish that the Somerville DPW Commissioner made a better decision instead of making this bad decision following her marching orders without any relocation plans as well as for depriving our children of an organization focused on building the physical fitness and moral character of its members through the “sweet science.” SBC provides residents of Somerville and surrounding towns with instruction, coaching, mentorship, and a safe, social environment in which to develop their skills and thrive.

Billy Tauro

Please read Danny Johnson’s message below:

Unfortunately our yearly fights at Dilboy were canceled by the city for August 12th due to warranty problems with the field, but we were welcomed by the great people of Medford to use Hormel Stadium for our Annual event as well as granted a liquor license for the day however, the Somerville Boxing Club was closed over a week ago and the future of the club is up in the air, but in the interim we will have to cancel the fight altogether because of the constraints the club is facing.
I’d like to thank Keches Law Group for the generous offer to sponsor the whole event, as well as The Anthony Louis Ciampi foundation for the continued support as well as All the labor unions and teamsters who’ve continuously supported the club as well as many others.

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