By Bob Katzen

The Elder Affairs Committee held a hearing on a measure that would impose an additional $2,500 fine on anyone who is convicted of perpetrating a financial or other fraud against a person if the person is a senior or disabled individual.

The bill would also create a special account to distribute educational materials to seniors and people with disabilities on how to be on the lookout for frauds or scams and would fund seminars people to better inform them of their rights as a consumer.

“I filed this bill after hearing from many constituents over the years who were concerned with deceptive actions being perpetrated against seniors or people with disabilities,” said sponsor Rep. Bruce Ayers (D-Quincy). “Those who perpetrate fraud against seniors and disabled individuals are constantly changing their methods to try and find new ways of committing fraud. We need to adjust our efforts for prevention to be proactive in protecting our vulnerable residents from scams and financial abuse.”

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