Somerville Voters Beware of Postcards Sent from City

By William Tauro

“VIP” If you have receive one of these in the mail, don’t be confused just please make sure that you filled out your “Censes” portion of it so you won’t be bumped from the voting list and listed as “Inactive.”

If you want to do mail-in-voting, that’s totally up to you! 

If you have thrown it away already please call the Somerville Election Department at (617)6256-600 or go there in person and make sure that you are still registered to vote and the you’re not off the voting roll listed as inactive for the Somerville September 19th Election which will be a primary election for Ward councilors, but it may be my general election where only me and Mayor Katjana are running head to head on the ballot. 

One thought on “Somerville Voters Beware of Postcards Sent from City”

  1. This postcard is deceptive and abusive.

    The City of Somerville sends a census at the start of each year. It is illegal for the City to remove any registered voter who returns that completed census each year.

    Unforced errors like this are much more frequent in the new administration than they were during while Mr. Curtatone was in office. It is time for the new administration to clean up its act.

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