Cobble Hill Residents vs Somerville City Hall

By Karen Glover

Evelyn Oritz, Property Mgr. of Cobble Hill, deserves a special community service award. (Most likely, Ms. Oritz won’t be receiving any alccholades from this adminstration…lol.)
Ms. Ortiz’s dedication to the protection and preservation of Cobble Hill and the quality of life of its residents is exceptionally commend-

Ms. Oritz’s articles exhibit her skill, intellect and knowledge which enable her to exactly define and make complicated city matters crystal clear.
Ms. Oritz highlights the tragedy and downfall of Cobble Hill due to the aggressive, greedy, meanspirited machinations of politicians and developers. She simultaneous-
ly displays diplomacy in trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, mentioning perhaps they simply don’t realize the repercussions of their actions…
(unfortunately, they are aware acutely aware of the repercussions of their actions…Senior Citizens are simply of no use to them!)
As Ms. Oritz repeatedly emphasizes in her multiple articles, there are many other viable alternative solutions to the city’s ironclad quest to dismantle Cobble Hill as their dream plans, but Cobble Hill’s nightmare.
Several factors I don’t think have been addressed is that Cobble Hill Residents will have to involuntarily endure several or more years of continuous ear-deafening construction noise and upheaval! How are residents supposed to live with this daily gargantuan assault on their serenity?
The city also claims concern over the rat/rodent issue…HA! Observing the city’s failed solutions, which have been ridiculously referred to as as a “partial victory over rats” is the equivalent of watching paint dry.
So now, construction of this Cobble Hill magnitude will continuously disturb the underground habitats of multitudes of rats, and these rodent multitudes will scurry to the surface…just what we need!…more rats invading our homes, gardens, basements, backyards, streets, etc; not to mention more jeopardizing of our health and safety!
Again, Ms. Oritz is requesting the city council reject these plans. The chances of the city council doing right by Cobble Hill is slim due to its members just feebly follow in the “mayor’s” footsteps to support her hideous ongoing decisions for our city. We must not only hope, but also contact city council members, to support Evelyn Oritz and the Residents of Cobble Hill. We do need a miracle that the city council will muster up a modicum of collective conscience-
ness and leave Cobble Hill and Residents alone!

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