Also Up On Beacon Hill

By Bob Katzen

MASSACHUSETTS CAUCUS OF WOMEN LEGISLATORS’ (MCWL) TOP FIVE – The MCWL announced its top five legislative priorities for the 2023-2024 legislative session.

SALARIES OF HUMAN SERVICE WORKERS (H 191 and S 84) – Would eliminate disparities between the rate of pay for human services workers employed directly by the state and those employed by private agencies and companies with state contracts.

SALARY TRANSPARENCY (H 1849 and S 1191) – Would require employers to disclose the salary range when advertising a job position.

INCREASE ACCESS TO MENSTRUAL PRODUCTS (H 534 and S 1381) – Would increase access to disposable menstrual products in prisons, homeless shelters and public schools.

POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION SCREENING (H 2163 and S 1375) – Would require MassHealth to provide coverage for postpartum depression screenings by pediatricians for 12 months.

ALLOW USE OF CAMPAIGN FUNDS FOR CHILD CARE FOR CANDIDATES FOR PUBLIC OFFICE (H 669 and S 422) – Would allow a candidate for public office to use campaign funds for childcare while the candidate is campaigning on his or her own behalf or attending events directly related to his or her campaign.

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