By Bob Katzen

Last week the Healey administration commemorated World Water Day and National Fix-A-Leak Week. Fix-A-Leak Week is led by the United Nations and is aimed at raising awareness about the importance of finding and repairing water leaks in homes and businesses. World Water Day’s theme is designed to accelerate change to solve the world’s water and sanitation crisis.

“Access to safe drinking water is a fundamental right,” said Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Rebecca Tepper. “We all have a role to play in protecting our water supply as the climate crisis worsens droughts and floods and alters our ecosystem. We encourage all residents and businesses to protect against unnecessary water waste.”

“While water safety and accessibility are global issues, individual actions are required to address them,” said Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Bonnie Heiple. “Small changes in the ways in which we use and manage water in our daily lives cumulate into significant improvements to protect and conserve our precious water resources.”

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