We Have to Solve Serious Problems and Bring Back Common Sense and Security to the Residents of Somerville

Please get ready because I’m may soon be going to ask all Somerville residents to tell all their friends and relatives in Somerville to vote for me for mayor of Somerville during the next election this coming year.

We have to solve this serious problem of bringing common sense and security back to the residents of Somerville now while we can control it before it gets out of hand forever! We need to collaborate and file a plan that will work for all! We need more protection against violence and crime! We need serious infrastructure and road repairs immediately!
We need more affordable housing? We will fully support biking and bus lanes and make it work for everybody! We need our arts society to survive and thrive! We will protect our parking, we need to get together and collaborate together, we need help to preserve social guidance and social equality, we need to make a Somerville a drug free city, we need to support our seniors, we need to get rid of our violent gangs within the city, we need to end political corruption, we need serious oversight on spending and overtime abuse! We will recognize all gender status and rights! we need to help our seniors, we need affordable housing, we need guidance on rodent control, we need our streets repaired, we need to support our veterans, we need to help our homeless and our mentally ill, we need a controlled budget, we have to help our business community to survive and prosper, we need honesty and accountability! We need a lot of work done with compassion in a short time so there’s no room for speculation! We need a solid plan for the future to benefit all Somerville residents so please spread the word and tell everyone you know in Somerville to support the Billy Tauro campaign for Mayor of Somerville because I have a plan to make it work for all! Let’s get out the word to help everybody I will be a mayor for everyone and I will not disappoint, I will help somerville survive and prosper!

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