Real Life Somerville Police Stories: (Cocaine, Trafficking in Over 14 Grams x 2; Drug, Distribute Class B, Subsq.)

The following is a brief summary to incident #23000978.

Members of the Somerville Police Community Action Team along with Officers Thomas Lambert and Samir Messaoudi, initiated a drug investigation engineered by a Karl Maurice AKA Malachi (DOB XXXXXX), and his alleged role in the distribution of Crack Cocaine.

The alleged distribution occurs from a residence located at 10 Canal Lane, #1006, Somerville, Ma 02145. This investigation was launched upon cultivating intelligence and cooperation from a confidential source. At the conclusion of this drug investigation, a search warrant application was requested by me at the Somerville District Court on Friday, January, 06, 2023. The search warrant (Docket #2310-SW-0002) was granted by the court authorizing the search of the following:

#1- The residence of 10 Canal Lane, #1006, Somerville, Ma 02145
(Search warrant docket #2310-SW-0002).

#2- The person of Karl Maurice, date of birth XXXXXX
(Search warrant docket #2310-SW-0002).

#3-Any and all persons present, inside of 10 Canal Lane, #1006, Somerville, Ma 02145 (Search warrant docket #2310-SW-0002).

On Friday, January, 7, 2023, at 7:40 PM, Detective Sergeant Dan Rego, along with Detective Cicerone, Detective Thermidor, Officers Thomas Lambert, Samir Messaoudi, Housing Police Officer Sean Brown and I, setup in the area of 10 Canal Lane. At 7:45 PM Detectives and Officers began to walk to the building of 10 Canal Lane. Once we approached the building, Detective Sergeant Dan Rego, along with Detective Cicerone, Housing Police Officer Sean Brown and I made entry into the common hallway of the building. As we entered the building, Detectives heard a door open on the second floor, at this point Detective Cicerone looked over and noticed the door quickly close to apartment #1006 and within seconds of that door closing a male later identified as XXXX (DOB XXXXXX) walked down the stairs where he quickly exited the building.

This male was shortly stopped by Officer Messaoudi and Detective Thermidor so that we could conduct a threshold inquiry. Once XXXX was stopped, Detective Sergeant Dan Rego, along with Detective Cicerone, Housing Police Officer Sean Brown and I, approached the closed door to apartment #1006.

At this point, I began to knock on the door. Shortly after we heard a female from inside the apartment say “who is it”. At this point I identified myself as Police. The door to the apartment was then opened and we were met by XXXX (DOB XXXXXX). At this point we advised her that we had a search warrant and we entered her apartment. Once we entered the apartment, I observed the target of this investigation Karl Maurice peek his head out of the last room on the hallway on the right side. At this point Detective Cicerone and I proceeded to this room to secure him. When we opened the door, Maurice was found laying on a mattress that was on the floor. Maurice who is known to carry firearms was shortly placed in handcuffs for safety.

At this point I escorted Maurice to the kitchen area and pat frisked him. I shortly read Maurice his Miranda warnings from a card I keep on my person with Officer Thomas Lambert present. I also advised him of the search warrant I had for his body and for the apartment. I would note that I provided Maurice with a copy of the search warrant.

As I was speaking Maurice, Detective Cicerone went to go speak with XXXX. Detective Cicerone first conducted a pat frisk of XXXX. In XXXX’s right front pant pocket, Detective Cicerone felt what was apparent to him, due to this investigation and based on his training and experience, Crack Cocaine in plastic baggie packaging. At this point, Detective Cicerone pulled out 8 baggies of Crack Cocaine from that pocket. Detective Cicerone shortly advised me of his findings.

I then walked over to XXXX to speak with him. After a short conversation XXXX advised me that he just purchased the 8 baggies of Crack Cocaine from Karl Maurice for sixty dollars. XXXX was shortly after advised and sent on his way.

I would note that the large amount of Crack Cocaine found on XXXX is consistent with someone who will possess with the intent to distribute them.

Also in the residence was a female identified as XXXX (DOB XXXXXX) and a male identified as XXXX (DOB XXXXXX). XXXX advised me that she was just a visitor at the apartment. XXXX who only spoke Portuguese, advised me that he lives in the apartment, in one of the bedrooms. XXXX advised me that his bedroom was located on the right side of the hallway right before Karl Maurice’s bedroom. I asked XXXX if he or XXXX had access to Maurice’s bedroom and he advised me that no one would go in his bedroom besides Karl Maurice. Shortly after speaking to XXXX privately, I asked XXXX which room belonged to Karl Maurice.

XXXX pointed to the room that Detective Cicerone and I found him in. I then asked XXXX if anyone had access to Maurice’s bedroom and she advised me that no one would go in his bedroom besides Karl Maurice. She also advised me that he had been living at the apartment for a few months.

At this time we began to execute the search warrant (Docket #2310-SW-0002) of Karl Maurice’s person and of his bedroom. During the execution of the search warrant, Detectives located :

– 26 grams of Crack Cocaine.
(I would note that 26 grams of Crack Cocaine is Trafficking weight)

– 28 grams of powdered Cocaine.
(I would note that 28 grams of powdered Cocaine is Trafficking weight)

-One thousand, seven hundred and seventy six dollars in US currency.
(This US currency will be subject for forfeiture)

The 28 grams of powdered Cocaine, were found in a black Under Armour backpack, that was located in Karl Maurice’s bedroom. Prior to locating/seizing the powdered Cocaine, I asked both XXXX and XXXX if this backpack belonged to them or if they knew who it belonged to. XXXX advised that backpack was not his and he did not know who the backpack belonged to. XXXX advised that the backpack belonged to Maurice and that he always carries it around.

Please see Detective Cicerone’s supplemental report for any and all evidence Seized/confiscated.

Karl Maurice was shortly then advised that he was under arrest and he was then transported to Somerville Police Headquarters, were he was booked by Sergeant Van Nostrand.

Karl Maurice will be charged with the following charges :


Respectfully submitted,

Detective J Costa #301

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