Mayor Ballantyne’s Boston Globe Op Ed Calls for a Broader Vision for Public Transit

In a Boston Globe Op-Ed, Mayor Katjana Ballantyne advocates for Massachusetts to plan not only for safe, reliable transit but to create a world-class public transit system for our citizens by connecting the dots between public transit and public good.

“We must come to see transit as a public good like education. After all, public transit is central to our economic competitiveness, our social progress, and our climate action agenda. It benefits everyone in the region: suburbanites and urban dwellers, employers and employees, riders and those who walk, bike, or drive to work. It’s vital to economic justice, environmental justice, racial justice, and health justice. And once we recognize that public good, we must commit to advancing it.”

Read the full Op-Ed in the Globe at Blocked by the paywall? The Somerville Library has a community subscription. Search “Ballantyne” and the op ed will come up.

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