By Karen Glover

As we all have been made very aware, The Woke People are quite hypersensitive regarding semantics. They focus on meaningless semantics that have no relevance to the harsh reality of complex issues; but that being said, let’s be cognizant to the hypersensitive virtue signaling sensitivity of The Woke People. The Woke People spend a great deal of time and energy posting commentaries chastising the rest of us rude, insensitive, horrible people to never to refer to homeless people as “homeless.” The Woke People think (and this is using the word “think” loosely) the word “homeless” is insulting and demeaning.

The Woke People rely heavily on nitpicking semantics because the depth and complexity of the actual problems of homelessness and other issues are too multifaceted for The Woke People to tackle. So instead, The Woke People have latched onto semantics to emphasize nothing meaningful and potentially productive for the homeless population, transit issues, etc… and the city’s problems just continue to multiply at a fast and furious pace.
Okay then…just for an exercise in profound stupidity, let’s indulge WokeSpeak: “People Who Reside Outdoors” were residing in the Redline Indoor Section of the Redline Train and Bus Station last Saturday Night, November 25, 2022. While waiting for the next bus, having missed my regular bus, there was really nowhere for me to sit indoors during this cold, rainy night. The “People Who Live Outside” were basically living inside the T Station. The pictures show groups of people making themselves quite comfy lounging and loitering inside the station, taking up every available space with clothes strewn over the railing, randomly littering, and the unoccupied station seats were inaccessible due to carts filled with large bundles of belongings obstructing the availability of seats. Not that a bus rider feels like sitting next to “The People Who Live Outside” who are drinking liquor, speaking excessively loudly, and making their presence unavoidable.
Question: Am I a selfish, nitpicking senior citizen because I’d like to sit down in the T indoor section without being aggressively harassed for money, and made to feel like an unwanted guest in some sort of exclusive clubhouse? Am I a horrible, selfish Senior Citizen to expect a level of safety and calm at The Davis Square T Station? The police do approach from time to time and recommend that “The People sofWho Live Outdoors,” but who frequently live indoors, at the T station to move along…but they were nowhere to be found on this night, so I find myself in this unpleasant predicament, and this is not the first time, by any means. There was a period of months where “The People Who Live Outdoors” seemed to have disappeared and I did wonder where they went…I have no idea…but obviously the remedy was short term, so, therefore, not a real solution to the problems and dire needs of HOMELESS, yes, this is who this unfortunate population really is…the harsh reality…these individuals are HOMELESS!…most likely not “living outside” by choice. I think not to identify Homeless people as “Homeless” and instead to use soft and gentle words, that make homelessness seem not so bad, is demeaning and insulting to homeless people and diminishes the dire harsh reality and crisis of their circumstances.
Okay, back to reality. Many, many Somerville Citizens are saddened by the pervasive increase in HOMELESSNESS. We would be relieved if anybody and everybody who is struggling with overwhelming challenges, maybe addictions which lead to maladaptive behaviors, job loss, loss of family and friends, etc. to have access to all the services and support they need and deserve. Solutions to this issue are very
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complex and obviously, have been unsuccessful or else homeless people would not be roaming the streets with all their belongings and seeking refuge in train stations. Yet the former and current Somerville administration that hasn’t been able to rectify this sad problem successfully, eagerly wants to open an injection center, probably more than one, which is a complicated process frought with potential problems; but as usual, The Woke People live in dreamland, so they express the usual virtue signaling guilt tripping rhetoric, so the rest of us should feel like horrible, selfish human beings for not loving this unrealistic idea of an injection center eutopia where drug addicts calmly sit around and become brand new people. The Woke People dream that they will be saving lost souls from pending death is ludicrous because drug addicts will continue shoot up randomly as usual anywhere, IN ADDITION, to taking advantage of injection sites. Nobody can save anyone from a drug addicted death, only the addict can save himself through proper psychological treatment and personal commitment when the addict reaches rock bottom and then makes a committed choice for survival or sadly, continues to make a choice not to survive. Imposing injection sites on the Citizenry is another lofty dream The Woke People are conjuring up for Somerville, right before our very eyes, and by now we know how their shallow, superficial, no real solutions dreams turns into our daily nightmares.
HOMELESSNESS, DRUG ADDICTION, MENTAL ILLNESS and maladaptive behaviors are so serious, life threatening and tragic that we cannot jump from one crisis issue to another just so The WOKE PEOPLE Administration can fulfill their obsessive need to “achieve” one grand illusion project to another grand illusion project to fulfill their need to be “evolved,” progressive and whatever self-congratuatory semantics they wish to apply to themselves.
It’s probably wishful thinking on the part of normal Somerville Citizens that this current “abnormal” Woke Administration would muster up a modicum of maturity, common sense and REAL compassion for the sad human condition of the HOMELESS population…focus on this hard, harsh issue and bring forth short-term and long-term solutions for the benefit of the HOMELESS, for their own safety and our safety, as well. This should take up a lot of time, so much time that other dream projects could be shelved! Fortunately, another election is in the future and maybe, hopefully, the success of the next election, will deal with the all facets of the human condition intelligently and realistically. Hopefully, to reverse many of the horrendous decisions this WOKE Administation has imposed upon the citizenry. Even many Woke People now express extreme dissatifaction with this administration and are looking forward to a new logical, people-oriented administration, not a bike lanes galore, cash cow high-rises, increase in homelessness, now brazen violence advancing with shovels, sticks with no traffic lights, grab-the-land from senior housing, benches installed in traffic, awkward rotaries, no parking streets, let the rat’s multipy, etc. etc. etc. administration!!

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