By Karen Glover

Glen Memory (yes, that’s Glen’s correct last name) will remain among our fondest memories. The Day Street, Davis Sq. Somerville Post Office Employees and Customers are so saddened by the recent loss of a really genuine, consistently sincerely helpful, always pleasant coworker and Customer Service Front Window Employee. Glen worked for the United States Post Office for approximately thirty-five years, and he was close to retirement.

His colleagues say he was just a pleasure to be around on a daily basis. Many customers go to the post office frequently for a variety of reasons. The vibe was that everyone in line was hoping Glen’s window would be free when it was their turn. My interactions with Glen were frequently centered on the different size packages continuously being mailed to my grandchildren who live out-of-state, and all the most probably tedious questions an anxious grandmother asks which are next to impossible to really answer, such as “are you absolutely sure it will arrive on time?” Glen was always so diplomatic and patient. Maybe it’s my age, but selecting just the right postage stamps for various occasions…I could make this its own shopping trip…again, Glen, just with his easy-going manner, would discuss the merits of the stamps to match the occasion even if there was a line, and I could tell he realized mailing everything to my grandchildren just right was terribly important to me. Let’s face it, we all remember Glen as being a sweet, generous, kind spirit who made mundane trips to the post office a cozy experience and, now, too suddenly, a lasting memory. It’s interesting how a man who is not necessarily a personal friend, but one who is often in our lives, can make such a deep impression and fill our hearts with a feeling of gratitude, love and a profound sense of loss. We do know that Glen has the deep love of his family members as well. R.I.P. Glen Memory

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