Rats Taking Over Somerville Everywhere And Nothing Being Done About It

By William Tauro

Today I was on Minnesota Avenue in Somerville. When I checked out a friend of mine‘s house, the house was infested with rat holes/boroughs in and around his entire front yard. How are people supposed to live like this in Somerville? He was told that funding for zapping these critters was unavailable in his side of the city. Now that’s totally unacceptable!

I later went to a friend of mine‘s house on Richardson Avenue in Somerville. He told me that last weekend pulled his boat out of the water and that he had barnacles all across his hull. He also told me at 6 o’clock AM that morning he went out on his porch the next morning and noticed dozens of rats literally were standing on the boat trailer sucking up to the barnacles on his boat hull’s bottom.
Somerville Mayor Katjiana Ballantyne, what are you doing about our rat infestation in Somerville? I’m afraid to let my grandchildren, my seven grandchildren, play on toys in the yard because of the intensive rat infestation in the city. What are we doing about the problem? As I can see nothing has been done! Maybe it’s time for a change? Please reply to my request!
Billy Tauro, Wmtauro@aol.com or simply just call me at 617-2932016. I sincerely await your response!

Billy Tauro

One thought on “Rats Taking Over Somerville Everywhere And Nothing Being Done About It”

  1. This is NOT unique to Somerville at all…. my friends in Medford and Dorchester have the same problems with rats

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