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By Karen Glover

The words Woke and Totalitarianism are becoming interchangeable. The only difference is The Woke People attempt to come off as all-knowing, sweet, genuine, and, eventually, you will come around because if we act so sweet and smiling, we must be right about everything hideous thing we inflict upon you, your children, your city, your property, in other words, everything that is you really belongs to us. TYRANNY!

“Karen, how could you think such a thing? You’re being too dramatic… don’t talk like that,” said a friend of mine. Well, to me, it’s obvious that the words Tyranny, Totalitarianism and “Wokeism” are the exact words to describe the political state of affairs here in Somerville, MA. I could expand my perspective to include all of Massachusetts, but basically Somerville, MA is the issue in this article.
I will concede that we are not completely caught in the completely tangled web of Totalitarianism…not yet, maybe it will really sink in when the developers swarm down to bulldoze Davis Sq., as we know it, into smitherines. We have been TOLD this assault on our senses, our community, our comfort, our familiarity is…how it is…how it’s going to be…Tyranny?
But first let’s examine the meaning of the word Totalitarianism and then you can decide for yourself if I’m being too dramatic. Totalitarianism is a form of government that attempts to assert control over the lives of its citizens. It really doesn’t permit much individual freedom.
When Covid occurred, our civil rights were simply, immediately, stripped away. My age group, Seniors, were discouraged from going outside. I truly understand that on the onset Covid was scary; yes, a Pandemic. My opinion is the federal government and city government, the City of Somerville, MA and our MA State Government used Covid as a catalyst to exercise undue control over the population. Especially closing down Houses of Worship… as if praying is simply a social activity as in…you don’t need to get together to pray and you will not assemble outside of your home…not a message of Freedom of Choice to me.
I feel the general population is still emotionally traumatized by those events and all the repercussions of an abruptly locked down society. We are still mentally exhausted from all the machinations of getting our lives back in order. This upheaval just gave the Powers that Be in Somerville more opportunity to stick it to us.
Look around you…do you feel free? Do you really, I mean really feel free… feeling free to have a say in what’s going on around you? Well, yes, you do…if you are a member of one of the many, many extremely, vocal, influential, militant bike ryder interest groups…the current crazed phenomenon that has engulfed our city with lanes, lanes, and more lanes, lots of lanes for people who are supposed to know how to ride bikes. The lanes seem to actually be making some of their bike riding rules of the road decorum appalling and super dangerous, to themselves and others, such as eating, drinking, looking at cell phones, etc. If you are a member of one of these groups, than you are a happy camper. Why, because you are participating in a combination of Wokeism and Totalitarianism meant to suck the life, and livelihoods from out of our very beings. You and the Somerville City Government, are colluding

against the rest of the vehicle driving population to supress our need for traffic from cars, vans, trucks in order to have businesses, customers, mobility and a life.
Totalitarianism is a form of government that attempts to assert total control over the lives of its citizens. The difference between Totalitarianism and The Woke City Government we experience here in Somerville, MA is that our mayor and city council smile and look so happy for us while they are sticking it to us. If you have a car, has Totalitarianism and Wokeism stymied your sense of freedom?Nowhere to park? Oh, you can just feed the meter. Strict Totalitarianism doesn’t wield its authority with a smile. Actually, strict Totalitarianism is more authentic than Wokeism, because in Strict Totalitarianism they just tell you outright that they’re going to stick it to you very badly…an upfront approach. But with a smug smile, our Woke Mayor tells us its her mandate because she got so many votes? (debatable) that we need more parking meters, less parking spaces, more bike lanes, less cars, taller buildings that the developers are gradually morphing into skyscrapers, benches in the middle of traffic a la Holland St. C,mon, what’s wrong with you? A new bench installed in the middle of traffic is actually safer than in a stable enclosure properly set back from traffic. Wokeism equals right is wrong and wrong is right. You don’t have a brain, only the mayor, the city council, the mobility office and, of course, the highly evolved bike riders, many who have suspended drivers licenses, have working brain matter.
Have you felt as though you should not have a thought in your head that differs from the mayor, the councilwoman, the mobility office, and if you do and actually state your case, they will either ignore you or glare at you at meetings where they just give themselves a big hug. I guess I’m just not a fun person because I don’t get what benefit a trusting child derives sitting on the lap of a library drag queen. I can imagine that a tacky, practically middle-aged drag queen that wants to loiter in libraries under the guise of story telling with a child on his lap is getting some extra benefit from this “silly” “so cute” interaction of an innocent child on his lap. Is this “get to know your library drag queen” experience exactly what that poor child’s brainwashed, virtue- signaled woke parent is so needy for…? Some vague approval from creepy men who are really strangers that she will actually allow her child to be participating in this creepy predicament? Nobody can tell me that a man with oversized fake boobs, a wig, massive amounts of heavy face makup, most likely with a male appendage below the waist, who craves a child bouncing up and down on his lap, is having noble thoughts.
This Library Drag Queen Craze is certainly going on against my will…against the will of Rayla Campbell, a True Patriot and Protector of Children, who I hope and pray will become the next Secretary of State of MA…a big step in the right direction in protection of our children from devious predators gallavanting around our libraries in plain sight as storytellers.
There’s many other hideous examples of Tyranny reigning in plain sight to the pain and anquish of so many Somerville Citizens, but this newspaper only has so many pages…lol. So is Tyranny alive and well in Somerville, MA?…YES!…YES, most certainly!! What’s the answer for the immediate present time? VOTE WOKE OUT!!! TAKE BACK OUR CITY!! RESTORE DIGNITY FOR OUR CHILDREN!!!

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