Sprinkler systems prevent two serious fires this past week in Somerville

Sprinkler systems in two Somerville buildings prevented serious fires this past week during the early morning hours while occupants were asleep. On Friday, October 28th at 425 a.m. the Fire Department was notified of a fire alarm activation via a building alarm system which was directly connected to the City fire alarm box system.

Fire companies were dispatched to 32 Kent Street, a 40 unit, four story wood frame apartment building. Firefighters encountered a smoke condition on the fourth floor and forced entry into a 4th floor apartment. Firefighters found a male occupant on the floor inside and removed him to safety. He was transported to the hospital. Sprinklers confined the fire to one room in the apartment and firefighters completed extinguishment. Due to water damage, the building was evacuated and all occupants were temporarily displaced. The cause of the fire has been determined to be accidental due to smoking.

On Sunday, October 30th the Fire Department was notified of a fire alarm activation from an alarm monitoring company at 409 a.m. Fire companies were dispatched to an address on Lake Street and arrived to find a sprinkler head operating in a ground level garage in a row of three story town houses. An unattended candle had ignited nearby combustible items. One sprinkler head confined the fire to a very limited area in the garage and after verifying that the fire was out fire companies were able to clear the scene after 15 minutes.

Charles J. Breen Jr.
Somerville Fire Department
Chief Engineer

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