Somerville/Medford Remembering Lawrence W. Moore

Our sincere condolences, thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Lawrence W. Moore on his passing.

Lawrence W. Moore passed away on 10/21/2022 in NH. Born in Somerville in 1953 and delivered by Dr. Russo. It was a long battle of several illnesses.
Lawrence was a leader in DeMolay and honored by the Masons for his work. He also played basketball and bowled and had a great career all over the world in computers.

Lawrence is survived by his brother Arthur Moore from Somerville, his Brother Richard Moore in Florida, his Sister Cathy Moore in Ohio, his Sister Jennifer Moore in NH and his Sister Leslie Moore in Somerville MA. 

2 thoughts on “Somerville/Medford Remembering Lawrence W. Moore”

  1. Larry, a dear friend and fellow member of DeMolay we had a band together late 60s early 70s
    God Bless

    1. I liked watching you all practice your music and being tolerant of me using Larry’s golf putter thing as a tambourine. You guys must have wanted to wring my neck.
      And of course there where the basketball games. Good Times

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