Somerville Residents Against The Removal Of Bus Routes

My name is Gale Mahan. I’m 66 years old. I was born and raised in Somerville Massachusetts. I have lived at CHT (Clarendon Hill Towers) for approx 28 years. When I first moved into CHT. I was a single mother of two children without a vehicle. The T was very important in my life, as it was my only means of transportation to get my kids to and attend their extra-curricular activities.

Fast forward to now, and my daughter lives at CHT with her two children and doesn’t own a car. She works in Quincy, and when she has to go to the office she needs the T to get there. My grandson is very involved with Somerville Babe Ruth and depends a lot on the bus service to get him to the fields when a ride is not available. He will also be going to the high school soon and would need the #88 buses to do that.
Taking away the buses #80, #87, #88, and #89 would be very devastating to thousands of people in this city, hundreds alone from CHT. We have lots of elderly and hadicapped here that rely on T. I had heard they want to stop the #87 in union sq. How would these folks be able to get to the target at the other end of Somerville Ave without having to have two buses and a train? That’s insane! I don’t think that the people making these decisions have thought this through. In my opinion they should go back to the drawing board and figure out a way to get these people to their destination without having to disrupt their lives.
Thank You
 Gale Mahan


Mayor’s Visit to Clarendon Hills Towers
August 11, 2022
The Mayor visited Clarendon Hill Towers Thursday, August 11, 2022. She stated her perspective on the pending MBTA Bus Proposal. We were disappointed that the MBTA Representatives canceled at the last minute. The Mayor made a commitment to return sometime in September along with the MBTA Reps.We look forward to the opportunity to have the MBTA directly answer our concerns.Thank you to all the CHT Tenants as well as so many others who were in attendance. Certainly, a very impressive turnout of over several hundred people! The questions raised were so precise and logical. Maybe we should offer the MBTA proposal writers A Master Class in Bus Routes!

Harriet Combs


e MBTA Employees write up bus proposals that one would surmise…ok…this proposal was written by a Department of the arrogant MBTA employees filled to the brim with hubris…i.e. submitting a proposal to change bus routes, obviously without consulting maps and without conducting appropriate random sample surveys: i.e. the ideal bus routes of bus nos. 87, 88, 89 & 80 located in Somerville, MA!
Then, aside from enduring the NRTH (Nightmare Rides offered by Transportation Hell) a/k/a The MBTA, we now hear that a disgruntled MBTA train conductor, obviously in a very unstable frame of mind, allegedly commits murder, in his free time, because he’s unhappy. Oh, and this alleged MBTA murderer is the son of the MBTA Transit Chief…
The MBTA appears to a few extremists in their employ. Their employees either want to kill off our bus routes, or kill people in general? Idk. …. Lol.  Wow! The Wacky World of Public Transportation!!
Keep reading each week for more Thrills and Chills True-Life Stories, courtesy of Boston’s very own Infamous MBTA.
Karen Glover

What!!??  … And what is the wholesome content of this story? OMG!
… and drag queens, just like the Kardashians, really don’t have a clue to what womanhood is about…wearing 5 inch spike heels, tons of makeup, huge wigs…is not womanhood! Unless of course, you enjoy being treated as a sex object.
If Drag Queens want to flaunt themselves, and share their ideology…how about sharing at the appropriate venue: i.e. Jacques Cabaret, Back Bay, and Boston, MA. … share with an age appropriate viewing audience of their own free will…not innocent children brought to Drag Queen Story time by their woke, politically correct, child-abusing parents. Apparently, from the photo, our current Mayor, Katjana has a disturbing, distorted view of the meaning of diversity.
Karen Glover


To schedule to sign the petition regarding the removal of the bus routes please call Karen Glover (857) 251-5639. To write an opinion piece regarding the removal of bus routes please email:


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