Medford Water Rescue / Drowning

On Sunday August 7, 2022 at approximately 11:15am the Medford 911 Dispatch Center received an emergency call from a person

at Wright’s Pond Elm St. Medford. That person calling was franticly screaming for help for a friend that was underwater and did not resurface. When police and fire arrived at Wright’s Pond swim area, they quickly established that the person they were looking for was not there. With the help of the dispatcher, they were able to determine that the victim was at the far side of the pond which is the north side of the pond. That area of the pond is not visible from the beach side of the pond. That is not a designated swim area. The officers and the firefighters made their way around the pond to the area where the person was underwater.
They were able to find him because his friend was there to call for help. Two of the firefighters could see the person underwater, and they jumped in to get him. A Medford Police Officer made his way in towards them to help get the person from the water. They were able to pass him to several other police and firefighters at the shore. The victim a 28-year-old male was carried through the woods to a Medford Fire Department 4×4 off road vehicle that took the victim to the area of Rt. 28 where the ambulance transported him to Mass General Hospital.
It was determined that the victim of the drowning had no brain activity. He has been kept alive till his family is properly notified. His family lives in India. MGH is making family notifications. We can not stress enough for people to use designated beach and swim areas when swimming in ponds and lakes. The other sections of those bodies of water can be very dangerous to swim in even for experienced swimmers

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