Updated:Looking for Public’s Help:Medford Hit & Run with Serious Personal Injury

Updated:On Sunday evening February 27, 2022 the person that was operating the vehicle that struck the young lady on Harvard Street. Turned himself into the Medford Police. The Medford Police also have his car that he was driving when the young lady was struck. This investigation is still ongoing, and charges will be sought against this person. We are not disclosing his identity at this time because he has not been officially charged yet.


On Saturday February 26, 2022 at approximately 11:30pm a 22-year-old female was struck by a passing motor vehicle as she got out of a ride share vehicle that was dropping her and her boyfriend off in the area of 125 Harvard Street in Medford, MA.

The young woman was seriously injured and transported to Mass General Hospital where she remains in serious condition. The Medford Police is currently investigating this crash as a hit and run with personal injury. We are asking for the public’s help in finding the suspect that committed this crime. After speaking to those witnesses that came forward and collecting evidence that was left on scene, we have some information to put out to the general public who may help the Medford Police to identify the person that was operating the car that struck this young lady.
Witness statements indicate the vehicle that struck the young lady was very likely a beige colored older type Toyota Corolla or Camry style car. (the back of the car has a boxy shape to it) This could also be another make of a car that looks like the Toyota. The suspect vehicle should have damage to the front passenger side. A witness indicated that the operator of that car stopped at the scene, got out of the vehicle and looked at the injured woman. He then returned to the car and fled the scene in the direction of Main St. (possibly turned right on to Main St. which would be going northerly on Main St.)
The suspect operator is described as a dark skinned male, possibly Hispanic with very short cut tightly cropped dark hair. He was wearing reddish – tan colored pants.
We also collected evidence on scene that indicated a silver/gray 2003 style Honda Civic or Accord type motor-vehicle was involved in a crash at this scene. A witness indicated that this car struck the back of the beige Toyota type car. The Honda is missing a grill which was recovered on scene as well as some other parts.
At this time, we do not have any video or stills to post. This is an ongoing investigation, and the Medford Police would appreciate any help the public could give us. If anyone has any information about the crash, the vehicles, and/or the person or persons involved please call 781-395-1212, and one of our dispatchers will forward your information to the crash investigation team who will contact you. You may also contact Medford Police anonymously via Tipp 411. Or contact Sgt. Carl Brooks of the investigation team at cbrooks@medfordpolice.com.
Lt. Paul F. Covino

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