Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Sean EVERSON (Poss. Class B, Shoplifting) (MSP Warrants) at Burlington Coat Factory in Assembly Row

On Monday, January 24, 2022, at 8:10 P.M., Sgt. Schneider was handling a call for service at the intersection of Grand Union Blvd and Canal Street when he was approached by three security guards and a male later identified as Sean EVERSON (Defendant) who was carrying several items of clothing with price tags and theft detection devices attached.

The security guards received a call from Burlington Coat Factory Loss Prevention stating a male suspect walked out of the store with merchandise without paying. The guards located the defendant and informed Sgt. Schneider that he was in possession of stolen merchandise. Sgt. Schneider asked the defendant to place the items on the ground and asked him for identification.

I arrived on scene and as I exited the cruiser, the defendant took off running East on Canal Street. After a short foot pursuit, he was apprehended by Sgt. Schneider. A query of the defendant’s name and date of birth showed he had an outstanding warrant for B & E and larceny under $1200 out of South Boston District Court. The defendant was placed under arrest and immediately started complaining of stomach pain.

Officer Ribeiro and Sgt. Schneider requested EMS. The defendant was evaluated at the scene and transported to Cambridge Hospital for medical care.

Before placing the defendant in the ambulance, Sgt Schneider conducted a search incident to arrest and located a crystal/rock-like substance in a clear bag that was tied in a knot believed to be methamphetamine. This substance was located in the defendant’s front left pocket with two hypodermic syringes. The substance was tagged and placed into evidence.

I returned the stolen merchandise to Burlington Coat Factory and spoke to Loss Prevention employee, XXXX who stated the defendant entered the store, selected merchandise ($135.92) and exited the store without making any attempt to pay. The defendant stated to the LP as he walked out “You know you can’t touch me”. A copy of the receipt is attached to this report.

The defendant was cleared by medical staff and was transported to the Somerville Police headquarters by Officer Ducasse in the prisoner transport vehicle. He was booked by Lieutenant deOliveira for possession of class B c.94C S34, shoplifting by asportation, 2nd offense. c.266 S30A, and the warrant.


Officer Samir Messaoudi #312
Somerville Police Dept.

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