Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Daniel CUNHA (ADW, Shoplifting) Adidas in Assembly Row

The following report is a brief summary of incident #22003924:

On January 25, 2022, I, Officer Dylan Lambert, was working my assigned shift in marked unit East-1. At approximately 4:38 PM, I was dispatched to Adidas in Assembly Row in regards to a dispute involving a weapon. Officer Messaoudi, in marked unit East-4 responded to assist. Somerville Dispatch informed us that the reporting party spoke Spanish, but it was determined that they had been threatened with a knife. Officer Ubeda, in Tango-1 responded to assist in translation.

When units arrived in the area, the defendant, later identified as Mr. Daniel Cunha, was located by Officer Messaoudi in front of Addidas. The victims, Mrs. XXXX and Mr. XXXX, were also in front of Adidas. Mr. XXXX was also present during the incident. Mrs. XXXX and Mr. XXXX are Mr. XXXX parents and were all shopping in Adidas during the incident.

I first interviewed Mr. Cunha, who told me that he was harassed by Mrs. XXXX, Mr. XXXX, and Mr. XXXX while he was shopping at Adidas. Mr. Cunha told me that Mrs. XXXX randomly started to film him and he told her to stop filming him multiple times. Mr. Cunha told me that he never mentioned having a weapon or threatening any of the other parties involved.

Officer Ubeda translated for the other parties involved. The following is a brief summary of what was reported:

Mr. XXXX was looking at shoes in Adidas when Mr. Cunha confronted him. Mr. Cunha became aggressive with Mr. XXXX and he was confused as to why Mr. Cunha was upset. During the confrontation, Mr. XXXX reported that Mr. Cunha produced a tan knife from his pocket and threatened Mr. XXXX stating something to the effect of “do you have a problem, I’ll show you a problem.” Mr. Cunha then put the knife back into his pocket.

At some point during the incident Mrs. XXXX took out her phone to get a picture of Mr. Cunha. At this point Mr. Cunha attempted to yell at Mrs. XXXX in Spanish, but she couldn’t understand exactly what he had said. Mrs. XXXX believed that Mr. Cunha made reference that he didn’t care if she called the police. Eventually all parties left the store, at which point, Mr. Cunha began filming the other parties involved.

Mr. Cunha was pat frisked for weapons and a tan knife multi tool was found in Mr. Cunha’s front jacket pocket. Mr. Cunha was detained in handcuffs for officer safety reasons. I asked Mr. Cunha if he ever mentioned having a weapon, to which he stated no. I then asked Mr. Cunha if he ever displayed the knife to any of the parties involved, to which he stated no. I then told Mr. Cunha that the parties involved identified the knife as having a tan handle, which matched the one found on his person. Mr. Cunha again denied ever threatening any of the parties with the knife.

Based on the facts at hand, Mr. Cunha was placed under arrest for the following:

M.G.L. Chapter 265 Section 15B/A Assault by means of a dangerous weapon

Mr. Cunha was searched incident to arrest and a black Adidas hat was found on his person. The black hat had the store tag on it. Mr. Cunha was unable to provide a receipt for the hat and will be charged additionally with the following:

M.G.L. 266 Section 30A Shoplifting by asportation

The Adidas hat was valued at $22.00. The hat was returned to the store and the knife will be submitted as evidence at the Somerville Police Department. Mr. Cunha was transported by Officer Robert Anaya to the Somerville Police Department and was booked by Lt. Gerard Rymill.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Dylan Lambert #351
Somerville Police Department

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