By Bob Katzen

Another bill heard by the Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities Committee would require restaurants to make available to customers a photographic or visual menu that contains a written description and a photograph of each food and drink item to assist individuals with communication impairments with ordering. The state would be required to develop a program for restaurants to be designated as “Communication Impairment Friendly” and maintain a listing of restaurants receiving that designation on its website.

“I was inspired to file the bill after a student from Leicester Middle School and her mother visited my office hours,” said sponsor Rep. David LeBoeuf (D-Worcester). “The student expressed how she noticed how difficult it was for non-verbal individuals to order at a restaurant and her mother, who worked in human services, also shared some anecdotes. This bill would make it easier for our nonverbal citizens to patronize local businesses by requiring restaurants to have one version of a picture menu available.”

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