Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Brendan KEEFFE (ABPO, Disorderly, Resisting)

On Wednesday, January 5, 2022, I, Officer Sergio Costa was working patrol in full-uniform on the West District in cruiser (W-6) during my assigned 12AM-8AM shift. At approximately 1:00 AM, I, was dispatched to 247 Elm St, for a report of man hitting the door of the Burrem with a chair. Officer Jorge Morel (W-7) and Officer J. Brown (W-5) responded as back-up.

Upon my arrival, I noticed a male party later Identified was Brendan Keeffe (XXXX), at front door of The Burren, and a damaged metal chair next to him. I approached Mr. Keeffe and asked him whats happening, Mr. Keeffe turned towards me, yelled fuck you. I noticed that Mr. Keeffe had slow speech, and was unsteady on his feet and a strong odor of alcoholic beverage was emitting from him. Mr. Keeffe without warning reached rapidly at my department issue Microphone that is clipped onto my sweater in the chest area. He was able to get full grip on it. I immediately grabbed his right arm, preventing him to pull my radio out. Myself and Mr. Keeffe struggle with each other eventually we both fell on the ground, I was instructed Mr. Keeffe to place his hand behind his back but he refused. The Burren security Doorman Mr. XXXX (XXXX) observed how Mr. Keeffe was struggling with me on the floor and not following my commands, Mr. XXXX assisted me and I was able to gain control of Mr. Keeffe and handcuff him behind his back.

I them spoke with Mr. XXXX and he stated that Mr. Keeffe arrived a hour earlier that night and started drinking and at one point started to Harass other costumers inside of the bar. Mr. XXXX asked Mr. Keeffe to leave for night, and he was escorted outside and told that the bar was closed. Mr. Keeffe grabbed a chair and started to hit the front door of the bar. Inside the bar other costumers got scared and because of that Mr. XXXX decided to call Somerville Police. Based on Mr. XXXX statement, I placed Mr. Keeffe under arrest for:

Disorderly conduct
Assaulting a police officer
Resisting an arrest

Mr. Keeffe refuse any medical attention, and was transported to the station by unit 200, and was booked by Lt. DeOliveira.

At the booking window was noticed by the Lt. DeOliveira that Mr.Keeffe has a small cut on his nose by he declined any medical attention.
Respectfully submitted,

Sergio Costa.

Police Officer #345

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  1. Sounds like this Medford man has some alcohol and anger control issues. I hope he gets the help he needs. 38 is a little long in the tooth for such behavior.

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