Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Jasard HARDMOND (Larceny, Removal of Theft Detection Device, Posess Burglarious Instrument)

The following is a brief summary pertaining to incident #21064365:

On Tuesday, December 14th, 2021, I, Officer Thomas Lambert was in full uniform while assigned to marked cruiser East-1 during the 8am-4pm shift. At approximately 10:22PM, I was dispatched to 460 Assembly Row (Polo) for a Larceny.

Upon my arrival, I was told that a male entered the store at approximately 10:12AM and stole two coats, totaling $846. The male was described as a Hispanic male with an afro and neck tattoo, wearing a red and black baseball cap, a black sweatshirt, black pants (half zebra pattern), black shoes and a blue backpack. When speaking to the store employees, they said that the individual took off in the direction of the MBTA station on Foley Street. Dispatch notified the Transit Police as well.

The individual was gone prior to our arrival. I responded to the Polo store and spoke with the store manager, Ms. XXXX. According to Ms. XXXX, the suspect had stolen from the store recently in the past. She believed that the suspect had been involved in multiple thefts in the past week, totaling over $10,000 in stolen merchandise. Ms. XXXX informed me that she had video evidence of only 1 of the previous larcenies committed by the suspect.

Shortly after dispatch updated me that the Transit Police had the suspect, later identified as Mr. Jasard Hardmond at Downtown Crossing in Boston. Mr. Hardmond was attempting to sell the items and Officers Jonathan Valentin and Joseph Rossi had him in custody. Officer Valentin notified me that Mr. Hardmond had pliers and the remnants of theft detection devices that had been apparently removed from the stolen merchandise. They also notified me that prior to our arrival, Mr. Hardmond had been read his rights pursuant to Miranda. With the approval of Sierra-8 Sergeant Devin Schneider, we went to Downtown crossing to recover the items.

Unit 200, Officer Juan Ducasse arrived on scene to transport Mr. Hardmond to the Somerville Police Station. While escorting Mr. Hardmond to the transport wagon, Officer Ducasse noticed him limping towards the transport wagon. When asked if he wanted medical attention he stated no he does not. Mr. Hardmond was booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant Michael Holland.

Mr. Hardmond had several other items from Adidas with no receipts and tags still on the them. I will be following up with the Adidas store employees to see if additional charges will be filed. Attached will be a receipt and picture of Mr. Hardmond walking inside Polo.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Thomas Lambert
Badge #347
Somerville Police Department

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