Real Life Somerville Police Stories: George PIRPIRIS (Larceny) (Boston Warrants)

I, Officer Roger Desrochers, report the following summary of events based on direct interview with the persons named.

On Saturday, December 18, 2021, I, Officer Desrochers, was in full-uniform and assigned to marked cruiser 182(E2), and patrolling the East district, for the Somerville Police Department when at about 17:00 I was dispatched along with Officer Pavao(E3) to Target located at 180 Somerville Ave for a reported larceny.

We were told Target’s Loss prevention agent XXXX was following a white male, later identified as George Pirpiris, who was wearing a dark colored jacket, gray back pack, and a black ski mask, trough the store. Upon our arrival dispatch informed us that Mr. Pirpiris left the store and was heading toward Medford Street. Once at target Mr. Pirpiris was already gone, so we went into Target and spoke with Mrs. XXXX who stated that Mr. Pirpiris walked into target at an un known time was selecting items and placing them into several bags that he had with him. He then selected a 2 jackets and began to walk around the store. That’s when he got close to the exit ripped the tag off of a gray jacket and walked out the main doors at 17:00. Mr. Pirpiris was wearing the gray jacket when he left the store and walked on foot to Medford Street.

After hearing Mrs. XXXX story Officer Pavao drove down Medford Street to the corner of South Street and located Mr. Pirpiris. Who was wearing the gray jacket, black ski mask and had all the same bags. I then joined Officer Pavao at this location and spoke to Mr. Pirpiris who stated, that he had taken several items from Target today due to the fact that he is homeless and in need of clothes. I then asked him for an ID which he did not have I then ran his SS number in CJIS which returned a warrant for his arrest (2101CR002193). I confirmed with dispatch an active warrant and placed Mr. Pirpiris in handcuffs behind his back and called for unit 200 to my location. Unit 200 operated by Officer Ducasse arrived and transported Mr. Pirpiris to the station to be booked by Lieutenant G Rymill.

I will also attach the video received from target as well as an image of Mr. Pirpiris leaving the store, and 2 receipts totaling $ 327.00.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Roger Desrochers #337

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