The Somerville Election Recount

By The Tauro Campaign

The recount process took place in the Councilors Chambers in Somerville this past Thursday the 18th of November. Present from the Tauro Campaign were over 20 volunteers to witness and participate in the civil process.  All parties were amiable and conducted themselves accordingly and professionally except for two persons representing the Ballantyne campaign that were ejected shortly after their arrival. The remaining three kept their composure and faded away during the evening hours as the count continued. Billy Tauro was quoted “As promised from over a year ago, I have kept my word and remained transparent and available to everyone.  After the recount process held by the Election Department officials, it was discovered that many illegal actions took

place.” Throughout the process, Tauro staffers and attorneys representing Billy Tauro, witnessed at least two members of the election department committing fraudulent actions by taking physical ballots and changing the official final count of Wbah candidate to Katjana Ballantyne’s tally. The Election Commissioner refused to dismiss them from the process so they remained under protest throughout the recount attempting to perform the same illegal action several more times. The final tally counters also tried changing results but, were quickly corrected. The challenged ballots clearly displaying William B. Tauro in writing in the proper place were discarded, and the commission board consisting of Somerville Election assigned appointees made the decision under protest. A formal request for additional discarded and/or non identified ballots has been made through communication.

A Somerville Election Official was also present in the city council chambers wearing an altered name tag that clearly read “Corrupt Somerville Election Official.” This particular election official was in charge of counting the ballots as he was boasting on his name tag the he was corrupt.

At a certain point in the evening, the Somerville Election Commissioner dismissed all the election officials and observers asking them to leave and thanking them for their service. Moments later the Somerville Election Commissioner along with Somerville Police officers and remaining parties made the way to the vault on the basement of Somerville City Hall where twenty-one red suitcases containing rejected ballots appeared. The rejected ballots were explained of being rejected by precinct wardens during the entire day of election day. The majority of the rejected ballots that were in the red suitcases were for William Tauro.

Other discrepencies were also noted as the brand new ballots with no markings appeared inside the several impounded sealed red suitcases that were opened and displayed in after the officials and observers were dismissed.

At that point a Judge would have to overturn that discovery and draw a conclusion through a ruling. Further discovery disclosed that inside every single suitcase containing the election ballots with the exception to one, was neatly stacked and voter ballots were all in proper order especially the same direction of read and arranged so that groups of votes for certain candidates were read off once revealed. But strangely enough, they were supposedly sealed on election evening and impounded demonstrating the removal of red tags by clipping them off with wire snips at the beginning of the process.

The count in five precincts revealed copy cat identical results which was another very peculiar voting action between precincts. Tauro quoted “You would think that if they illegally change the results behind closed doors that they would have kept an accurate accounting and not been so sloppy in these mistakes becoming exposed.”

The Attorney present for the Tauro Campaign spent most of the day busy, making objections and documenting the illegal actions to prepare for what appears to be solid findings for a legal action to ensue according to the meeting that took place afterwards. The final count results had changed although no new ballots were introduced by legal means into the Ballantyne count. The Mbah count also changed but, only by a minimum.

All of this was under legal protest and must now go before a judge for rulings. It is a difficult procedure that has to be followed by steps to ensure a smooth and proper action with demonstrating intent. The actions of this particular case has many endings that all could lead to indictments for the offending parties. It will be an issue that does not seem to have an ending timeframe but will be entangled in legal complications until a conclusion or a compromise can be obtained.

Over a dozen members of the voting community have already come forth and given testimony as to their personal experiences in what can only be described as a fraudulent vote.

We are finding hundreds of people who voted in person as well as with absentee and mail in ballots who are not appearing on the City of Somerville Voter’s Role on November 2nd of people who voted. We urge everybody to check if their ballots were counted. This can be easily done by going on the Secretary of State’s website Election Department choosing the “track my ballot” option.

The patience of the Tauro Committee has demonstrated their steadfast attitudes as they now prepare for legal charges to be brought forth and sworn out against offending parties.  Tauro stated that “Anyone that refuses to be forthwith in providing information to exonerate themselves in this election will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!” There is a small window in which they can voluntarily contact Billy Tauro directly at (617) 293 – 2016 and give testimony of any illegal actions.

Win, lose or draw, we are pushing for fair and honest elections in Somerville!

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