By Bob Katzen

The Public Health Committee held a virtual hearing on legislation that would require public buildings in Massachusetts, including government buildings, schools, entertainment venues and transportation facilities, to have at least one centrally located bleeding control kit and someone trained to use it on the premises. These kits contain basic tools such as a tourniquet, gauze and gloves to allow anyone to help stem serious bleeding before the arrival of first responders.

“This bill would save innumerable lives per year that would otherwise be unnecessarily lost,” said sponsor Rep. Shawn Dooley (R-Norfolk). “From minor accidents in schools, like fights and falls, to more major workplace accidents, the national Stop the Bleeding Coalition reports that 35 percent of all pre-hospital trauma deaths are from uncontrollable hemorrhaging and in those instances, there is six-fold increase in chance of survival if a tourniquet is applied. These bleed kits when placed in public buildings are a cheap and effective way to save countless lives.”

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