By Richard Scirocco

For far too long we have become complacent in an acceptance of elected officials and their actions to represent the publics best interests. Our trust in the process has been betrayed.  The elections we have participated in with the enthusiastic action and hope of a successful choice have been tainted. Frustration has filled the hearts of many old school long term residents that were raised in the city. It has also disappointed the honest newcomers looking for a new home to raise their families.

The corruptive influences over decades, with promised positions of political power awarded to less popular candidates, have left, a disappointing memory of the many hopeful leaders that were passed over. The citizens choices of popular community leaders that have stepped up to make their name known and do good for the best interests of their community have become discouraged after the false results determined with “official totals.” The challenging action is a tedious and now legal process to follow through with.

After up close and specific observations , of the last two elections conducted, it is evident that the system has severe defects and flaws in its process of determining a winner for each elected race. The combinations of human interference, ignorance of the law, and computer error make up the majority of mistakes that leave many voters bewildered.

When candidate William B. Tauro began his run for office slogan “Its Time For Change,” he never dreamed back then that it would apply to so much more than removing the corrupt administration that has strangled the city of Somerville into submission. 

In a recent discovery, Medford is facing similar discrepencies as they uncovered thousands of alleged illegal votes cast in their General Election. Their investigation is currently incomplete as interviews will be conducted to ascertain the seriousness and extent of this fraudulent behavior. In the Somerville primary election, many citizens spoke up immediately after the official counts were made public. Billy Tauro’s Campaign team received thousands of angry complaints of miss counted and questionable actions made by the election department poll workers assigned and trained to do the job of conducting a proper election process.

This motivated Billy and his Team to continue the fight and run on a ” write in” sticker campaign. Prior to the General Election, on a regular basis, Billy was receiving dozens of calls per day requesting instructions and stickers to participate in the process. He received over a hundred letters personally thanking him for continuing the fight and not giving up to discouragement. Many citizens have faith in his policies and feel confident with his leadership to stand up against the harassment and ridicule of the “Our Revolution” group which has denounced his efforts as a bad fit for Somerville.

It is time to install honesty and integrity back into the election process and revamp the electoral process to make it fair and impartial for future leaders to flourish. The recount request was a detailed request with several questionable requests that the State and local officials are still processing. The process has been and is scheduled for this coming Thursday the 18th of November starting at 9:30a.m. in the City Councilors Chambers located at City Hall in Somerville. 

We are urging all supporters to stop in to observe this process and witness first hand who is controlling the votes in our community.
If you are interested in assisting with the count please feel free to contact Billy at (617)293-2016 his personal number that has been giving out to all demonstrating his open door policy.

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