On November 9, 2021, I, Officer Tim Van Nostrand, was on duty and assigned to uniform patrol in marked cruiser 181. At approximately 5:40pm while traveling on Artisan Way, I observed a black Acura RSX parked, running, obstructing the crosswalk adjacent to Kay Jewelers located at 360 Artisan Way. I know this location to be a common place for a getaway vehicle to wait when committing a theft in one of the adjacent stores.

I could not see in the windows due to dark tinting, but the headlights were on, and the brake lights were illuminated. The vehicle had no front license plate, but on the rear was Rhode Island tag XXXX. I queried the license plate and learned it was registered to a 2011 Toyota Corolla owned by a XXXX. I notified Somerville control of the situation, and approached the vehicle to make contact with any occupants. Once at the vehicle window, I observed no occupants in the running vehicle. I recorded the VIN from the dashboard in order to query it, and I removed the key from the vehicle to prevent theft or flight. The VIN (XXXX) was queried and it came back to an unregistered 2004 Acura RSX coupe, last registered to XXXX of Framingham.

While standing next to the vehicle, a light skinned Hispanic male wearing a pink button down shirt, and khaki colored pants, exited Kay Jewelers and began running towards me. When he got to me, it appeared he was going to try and enter the vehicle, so he reached out and pushed me, and then took off running on Artisan Way toward Grand Union Blvd. I updated responding units with the description and direction of flight. I made contact with Kay Jewelers staff who stated the male stole a ring they believed was valued at $20,000. It was later determined the value of the ring was $6,999.

With the assistance of Assembly Row security, the suspect was observed on camera fleeing into Bed, Bath, and Beyond located at 119 Middlesex Ave. I notified this over the radio and Officer Paul Beckford (183) transmitted that he had the suspect at the front entrance of the store. The suspect then fled into the parking lot toward Canal St. I began searching the area and observed Assembly Row security directing me to the front door of Sak’s Off 5th Ave on Canal St where the suspect was on the ground. I placed the suspect into custody without further incident.

I informed the suspect of his Miranda rights to which he affirmed his understanding and was willing to speak with me. He stated his name was Julien Vasquez, (date of birth XXXX) and he is from Providence, Rhode Island. Vasquez stated he drove here from Providence, and went to Kay Jewelry. Vasquez then lost his train of thought, and did not proceed in telling me what happened. Vasquez stated he threw the ring in the area of Canal St and Grand Union Blvd. Officer Tim Sullivan and K9 Lobo searched the area with negative results. Vasquez then informed me he might have thrown it at Artisan Way and Grand Union Blvd. That area was also searched with negative results. Vasquez was not in possession of anything with his name on it, and a CJIS/NCIC search did not return any pictures to confirm his identity. I was able to locate a interstate identification index with multiple arrests in Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, and Illinois with the biographical information he provided. I also located a Rhode Island license with no photo that was status suspended.

Officer’s also checked Bed, Bath, and Beyond because Vasquez shed his shirt inside the store in an attempt to alter his appearance. The ring was not located in the store.

Vasquez requested an ambulance, and was transported by Cataldo to Cambridge Hospital along with Officer Chris Fusco (184). I proceeded to Kay Jewelers to obtain a statement. I spoke with manager XXXX. XXXX informed me the male entered the store and stated he was looking for a ring for his mother. He requested to see diamond rings, and selected a 2 carat round cut diamond in a solitaire setting. The value of this ring was $6,999. As soon as XXXX handed Vasquez the ring, he turned toward the door and ran out.

As of the time of this report, the ring has not been located. All video from Kay Jewelers and Assembly Row security will be preserved for evidentiary purposes. Vasquez was medically cleared and booked by Lt. Michael Capasso for the following charges:

Larceny Over $1,200 (266/30/A)
Assault & Battery on a Police Officer (265/13D/A)
Resisting Arrest (268/32B)
Attaching wrong motor vehicle plates (90/23/K)
Unregistered motor vehicle (90/9)

A citation was also issued to Vasquez for the motor vehicle charges. The license plate has been secured into evidence.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Tim Van Nostrand
Somerville PD

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