We Demand an Honest Ballot Count in Somerville, We Are Entitled to It as Citizens

By William Tauro

After an interview by telephone, Nick Salerno Commissioner of the City of Somerville Election Department on the night of the General Election between 8:00pm and 8:10pm openly admitted to an audience by speakerphone  that ” they control the ballots and the machines” Also further admitting that “his hands were tied”. When asked for further clarification as to who, he dismissed the question and stated he had to go.

The remaining questions to be answered are;
Who are “They” that Nick Salerno reported was in charge of the election? Is this elder abuse?
What will happen if too much time goes by without addressing the issue at hand of a full and accurate count? Will ballots be exchanged or go missing?
When will a true and honest count be performed? Before the swearing in of a new Mayor?
Where are the ballots now? Are they being destroyed or replaced?
Why has the Election Commissioner not reported these indiscretions of his power to the proper authorities? Is he affraid of the consequences?
How can this happen in today’s society ?
Does this mean that legal and honest voting in the United States of America is over and needs to be dissolved. Is Democracy over and must now bow down to Communistic idealism?
You, the citizens can now claim that you have firsthand witnessed Domestic Political Terrorism at its very best.
The requests to regulate this election may go unheard and it may be too late. To those who believe they are on the winning side, guess again!

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