“Write-In’s” A Great Voter Approach for This Somerville Election

Richard Scirocco

Within this lifetime, our city has witnessed and had the privilege to experience a half dozen successful write in votes that have won local popularity.

Historically, we have witnessed a number of successful Write-In Campaigns. The law itself governing elections set aside a specific line space to allow the choice for a free and uninfluencial decision of each and every voter! There has always been multiple options in which you choose your candidate. This means of action is an option of choice for the every day voter to make their voice heard without the undesirable choices listed.

The first vote action is the simplest and easiest choice. A quick step in and a non thought choice of the future ramifications of the person you know more, when you color in a dot next to the name listed on the ballot. The second option, is when you , the voter, can legally exercise more confidence in your thoughts and write in the person you feel will do the better job. This action further demands that each vote, cannot be discarded or lost and  must be hand counted with witnesses. This eliminates the option of depending upon a computer counter that can very easily be reprogrammed, accessed, and manipulated to serve its programmer and not necessarily the choice made by the popular voters.
Voting itself, was designed specifically for this purpose. It maintains your right to an option of choice. Your actions can never be restricted and the true belief in a candidate can be expressed by casting your ballot or writing in his/her name. There it would appear in ink.

In this upcoming election one week from today, there is another choice for Mayor. After the disgraceful miscount on primary day, insulting the intelligence of the community, by the election officials, who are currently under investigation by State and Federal authorities, two candidates had been removed from displaying their names on the ballot for the General Election. No recount had been requested as was the choice. This was an expected result as the suspicions and rumors weeks prior to the Primary,  were made by many whispering within the city halls themselves.  This included the current administration speaking out loud in an exchange of words inside city hall quoting” I can’t wait til you are dead last with half the votes of everyone else and you fall on your face”.

Now, is when voting matters most for the registered voters in Somerville to step up their game. On Tuesday November 2nd, William B. Tauro has asked everyone to please “write in” his name for Mayor in the space provided.  His efforts to correct the problems have met with viable solutions. These issues of major concern have gone unaddressed throughout the years from the current administration including the two individuals currently running for the same position of mayor while rubber stamping all of the corruptive behavior to maintain their spot on the Council. The issues that need new policy addressing, vary from the open door policy, dangerous infestation issues, the lack of parking availability, travel lanes, the over burdening of taxes , the rental availabilities, small businesses, the protection of the citizens themselves and many others. His provision of solving these problems go unmatched by the two other opponents. Billy Tauro provides solutions as well as introducing new programs such as the HUB Program proven very successful and the newest HAND Program that will be of great assistance to every household in the city. His approach in implementing more viable energy sources to combat global warming and addressing the air quality within the elementary schools as well as elderly housing units. With the constant changing  of the demographics of this city it will be benificial to the occupancy, and compliment it’s very future. He also has several other programs organized and ready to impliment that will only benefit the citizens of Somerville.
Join all the supportive voters in the next election on November 2nd.

” WRITE-IN” WILLIAM B. TAURO (333) Great River Road in the space provided for MAYOR and please remember to fill in the circle next to it.
Or you can simply apply the sticker that can be obtained from a representative of the Tauro Campaign on election day outside of your local polling station. Do you civic service to Somerville.  The city we all love and want to preserve for our future generations to appreciate and enjoy. William B Tauro thanks you all for your support.

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