Vote With Common Sense Somerville

By William Tauro

I will be continuing up the Hill to fight for common sense politics to ensure they will not be extinguished in Somerville.

The wheels of justice turn slow as we are all aware. Recent investigations launched, allegedly catching the Election Department performing their underhanded tricks is not enough effort to conclude in time for the November ballot. I am not waiting for the wheels of justice. It’s time to take matters into our hands and write in William B. Tauro for Mayor, located on the ballot just beneath the two names appearing. Then, simply color in the dot, and submit the ballot!

This “ensures that your vote will Not be cast away, but Counted”! It is not the usual color the dot and run out the door election but one with purpose and focus of making sure the wrong person doesn’t end up in office as so many have in past elections.

The time has come to treat Your vote with serious meaning. I am asking this for the good of the community as a whole, and, for the future of our children. It is time to follow through with the commitment for a better tomorrow. I will make changes that support the safety of the community, through better educated and equipped law enforcement and city services especially addressing the rodent infestation with a sold plan. I will, support more green energy by installing newer more efficient products on all municipal buildings, protect the streets sidewalks and bike routes to ensure top safety measures for all ages. I will provide direct solutions to our failing flooded streets to redirect rainstorms preventing water build ups.

Our community and our fellow citizens will believe that confidence surrounds the city once elected as I will initiate the H.A.N.D. Program that will assist all. I will also ensure that the air quality systems that our elderly, schoolteachers, administration’s, and most importantly our children enjoy the purity of air quality within our buildings.

This is not a usual time in our history but together we can come to an understanding with even ground to work together with common sense and values that will compliment and give pride to our broken community.

Thank you,
William B. Tauro

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