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Happy Birthday to a number of Villens celebrating their birthdays this week in the Ville! Happy Birthday to Sergio Chaves, Michael Burke, Patty Murphy Medeiros, Shayne Saltman, Dave Oliveira, Tony J Sillari, Deb Shea Fede, Leo O Anderson, Laurie Cura, Julie Glassman, Perry D’Alelio, Isabel Mercauto, Jimmy Walker, Deborah DiZoglio, Kim Houston, John Pintone, Christine Cornelio, Nicholas DiZoglio, Ronda Barrett, Dennis Hardy, Maria Ferro, Bill Bono, Somerville Joe, Cathy White, Peter Spinos, Thomas B Mercier, Terri Leander, Celia Nutt, Gary Cobuzzi, Donald Cronin (DJ), Jeffrey Kuhner, Michael A Gilberg, CJ Byrd, Kim Spezzafero, Walter Westcott,
Jessica Matteo, Laurie Tolliver, Bobby Hazelton, Linda Sapochetti, Anthony Kalicki, Teresa Marie Vellucci, John Zafiris, Lisa Colleameno, Maressa D’Arezzo, Armando Monte, Krystil Arena Benoit, Thomas Lynch, Arthur Abeilice, Michael Giacoppo, Len Glionna, Chris Siggens, Armando Monte, Jay Ryan, Dana Boulger, Lisa Stoico, Doug Cappello, Tracey Antonelli, Kristen Lopez, Charlene Vaughan, Dennis Kacoyanis, Mike Podymaitis, Patty Oppedisano, Paul Phillion, Anthony Salines, John Carlino, Stewart Berg, Ken Happas, Dan Harpo Collins, Colleen Mcneill, Eddie Govoni, Kenny Poole, Brian Casey, Kristen Hiltz, Ted Darling, Jacqueline Talluto, John Nunziato, Michelle Bourque ODonnell, Randy Almeida, Nick Stavre, John Hare, Carlos Pinheiro, Michael Bourque, Peggy Fitzgerald Kisich, Michelle Paquet MacIntosh, Lori Ryan Sciurca, Billy Harrison, Roberta Cimino, Joe Dunne and Nick Papadinis
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Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

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