Wanting to do More for Parents and Children of Special Needs

By William Tauro

As mayor I want to do more for parents and children of special needs and begin with a program such of this! This program is designed for children of kindergarten to eighth grade. We also have to concentrate more on children from eighth grade and beyond who still are affected by this horrible disease. Together we will accomplish this!

Italian Home for Children provides an integrated network of powerful and effective programs to help children and families with emotional, behavioral, and educational challenges thrive in their communities. 

Who They Are
Beginning when we opened our doors in 1919, Italian Home for Children has a rich and long standing history serving families and children right here in Boston. 

What They Do
With residential programs, home and community based services, and a K-8 school in Jamaica Plain, we’re helping children and families thrive where they live.
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Get Involved
Volunteers are critical to our mission of providing powerful and effective programs in our communities. Learn how your organization or company can join us!
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We strive to be a diverse, inclusive, and compassionate community champion that empowers children, adults, and families with mental health and educational struggles through therapeutic, collaborative, and transformative programming.

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