Letter to the Editor:Somerville Traffic Rules Ugly and It Proves That Somerville Is Broken

Good morning Mr Tauro

I had a very upsetting incident happen yesterday. I have a handicap placard due to the fact that I have very bad legs and feet and cannot walk very far. When I received my booklet it states that with that I can park anywhere including residential areas without a problem.

Not knowing Somerville has different rules (of course) I got a $50 ticket for no permit. When I called I was told it didn’t apply to Somerville. I could only park at a meter. I don’t think this is very fair for handicap people especially when no meters are available. What is the point of having that if it can’t be used in Somerville? The woman said I can appeal but probably wouldn’t win but I am going to try. I think this is something that needs to be looked at when you become Mayor. It is a foolish rule and probably not a lot of people know this. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated since now I’m stuck with a $50 ticket that I can’t even afford to pay. Very unfair.

Thank you
Somerville Resident

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