William “Billy” Tauro: You’ve Got A Friend In Me

This heartwarming article was written by a student at the Clarendon Hill Towers Apartments in Somerville as a personal gift to me. She called and interviewed me over the phone a few months ago as a school project and since then published it in her school paper as a surprise.

I met her in person for the very first time tonight at my visit to Bingo Night in her building where she and her family resides. Her name is Victoria Hughes and I thank her from the bottom of my heart!

William “Billy” Tauro: You’ve Got A Friend In Me

By: Victoria Hughes

Mayoral candidate William Tauro is a man who is fully vested in the city of Somerville, Massachusetts. He grew up in the city’s educational system, having lived in Somerville since he was five years old. He intends to have an open-door policy to better service the people.  

In relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, Somerville was the last city in all of Massachusetts to start opening up and this created a problem with some of the businesses in the city because they would lose funding and customers. Mr. Tauro plans to open things back up so parking is more available, as restaurants have used their parking to create outdoor dining, while following the state guidelines. “I’m 100% for small businesses and what’s happening in Somerville right now… Our small businesses are in trouble, as well as our big businesses.”
In Somerville, parking is especially important where there is a moderate population of disabled people. Sue Smith, local resident and mother who has a disabled daughter, has told us, “Parking is hard enough to find in the city. Even more so for those who are handicapped. Taking away those spaces for outdoor dining has created a lot more problems than we need.”

As a man who comes from a family of immigrants, he also intends to remind the people of Somerville of some of the history and culture through the events that the city will put on and the traditions that he will continue.  
He’s also very interested in the local youth and wants to create and continue programs, like the Sunsetters, a singing group consisting of teenage residents who perform at different venues around the city. He plans to create programs for teens and young adults, as well as build a trade school and recreational center because, as he says, “It’ll keep them off drugs, it’ll keep them out of trouble, and they’ll have a good future.” Working in his father’s autobody shop as a kid was a key influence in this idea to build the trade school. In support of this, Mrs. Smith said, “It’ll be great to have the Sunsetters sing here again, with the restrictions, of course.”

There was also the matter of his work running the Somerville/Medford News Weekly website. Prospectively continuing to run the website, should he become mayor, was, in his words, “A conflict of interest. When I entered semi-retirement, my son took over. Though there are some articles that I’ll be doing as well.” He’ll be able to focus on helping the people this way.
Mr. Tauro is a firm believer in working in a job you love. He said, in regards to starting up programs for all art forms, “let them fall in love with the occupation they like to do.”  It’s a point Mrs. Smith agrees with.

William Tauro is a man who is ready to listen to the people of Somerville because without the people, there is no city.

With Mr. Tauro, “You have a friend in City Hall.”

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