Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line:Why William “Billy” Tauro Will Win This Election Prediction

Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

This was posted on the Davis Square Facebook site not to long ago posted by Matt Hoey who is an intelligent person and very highly respected and who knows what’s going on. I thought you might like to see it! Congrats you will win this!

Dear Dan,

1987 is an eternity ago. Thousands of Somerville people picked up some kind of criminal charge in the 80s and most families had someone in the immediate family with something of some sort on their record. Most houses had a stolen gift under the Christmas tree and it was a point of pride. It was an entirely different city. Maybe even a different planet. Highlighting a charge from 1987 is only going to entrench his base further and lead to eye rolls from locals.

>>> Including his massive base of senior citizens, veterans, business owners disgruntled homeowners, union members, cops, firefighters, city workers and members of clubs like the Lions, Kiwanis, Elks, Masons and others. You people need to stop claiming that he’s a weak candidate because he’s not. <<< It'd be a better idea for his opponent to actually start campaigning and for whoever else is planning to run to get their sh@t together. Some of his politics do not align with mine it is safe to say, but I remember how to win and how to lose an old school Somerville campaign, which is what 2021 is going to be, and Billy Tauro is the front runner. Those of you who want him defeated need to think long and hard about this Hillary vs Trump playbook that you want to follow. It's not going to work. He is running an older model campaign, like you'd see in the late 80s into the late 90s, which is scrambling the software of many newer activists and political operatives. He is not an opponent that many of you have ever come across in a local race. Anyone who grew up in Somerville understands why he is surely the front runner right now and they can see similarities to effective old school full contact politics. My message to anyone who runs is that you need to read up on campaigns run by people like Buonomo and Capuano, then go to a sporting goods store to buy a helmet and get ready to work your ass off because he has a five year head start on you. Also, mark my words, Progressives and the local Left or whatever you want to call them are going to start considering his campaign. Some already are. If the election was tomorrow Billy Tauro would be mayor. Mark my words. Heck, maybe that's what it will take to sort out some things in the city. That's a post for another day, so don't come at me on that. I personally think that the faux Liberals of Somerville need a wake up call. The virtue signaling of the past few years was bullshit Progressive branding and it wasn't fooling anyone. Lastly, Billy Tauro is the only person, out of every single elected official and candidate to speak out on the injustice that Flavia Perea's family is facing - and your choice candidates and buddy buddy officials have been silent for 14 months. Think about that. Where are local progressive heroes for the Perea family? I know where they are. They're hiding behind a BLM banner. You can thank me for this analysis later. There are more than 15 affordable housing and senior citizen complexes in the city that he might as well have a campaign office in. Combined they represent thousands of votes. Tauro has run transportation companies for decades. Every senior is going to have a ride to the polls and maybe even a box lunch waiting for them. All it would take is a rainy day to guarantee him a win. Seniors don't care about witty posts about the last presidential election. They care about politicians and candidates that have done something for them in the political off-season. Katjana is strong in this area though. She's done good work for seniors. Any other candidate who thinks they can just roll into the CHT and come away with votes isn't going to see much for results. Matt Hoey

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