Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Chris HICKS (A&B on Disabled, ABDW, False ID, A&B) (Billerica Warrants)

On 06/25/2021, while assigned to marked unit East-4, I was dispatched with West-5 (Officer Soares) to Temple Street for reports of an assault. Upon arriving to the correct location, as people had been pointing in the wrong direction, we found several parties engaged in actively fighting.

The parties involved were eventually identified as:
Mr. Chris Hicks.
I would note Mr. Hicks gave the name XXXX with false Date of Birth and False Social security number both during booking and prior to arrest. This was shown when his fingerprints came back and also from officer’s previous experiences in booking Mr. Hicks.

Both XXXX and XXXX were bleeding from wounds on the face. XXXX was bleeding heavily from cuts and what EMT’s believed to be a broken nose. XXXX was bleeding from a cut inside his mouth.
XXXX explained to me that her and both XXXX were at home and could hear a man (Hicks) outside the window screaming. She saw Mr. Hicks and asked him to walk away from the window. In response he threw a beer at the window. XXXX went downstairs and asked that he leave and at this point Hicks struck her with an open hand to her face and spit on her. At this point XXXX and XXXX came to her defense. Hicks attacked the two other males. During the attack Mr. Hicks struck both parties in the face with a closed fist, kicked XXXX and XXXX with a shod foot (White sneakers). He also threw a half full can of beer at XXXX, which struck him in the nose. Officer Soares had handcuffed Mr. Hicks and kept him to the side. I attempted to ask Mr. Hicks what had occurred but he was non cooperative. I would note that Ms. XXXX explained to me that XXXX is Autistic.
Mr. Hicks will be charged with the following
1 Count ABDW (Shod foot)
1 count A and B over 60/Disabled
1 count ABDW (Beer Can
1 count Simple Assault
1 count false name given

I will be submitting into evidence Mr. Hick’s sneakers and one empty 25 ounce beer can.
XXXX was transported by Cataldo Ambulance for treatment of his injuries,

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Christopher Fusco #328

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