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Happy Birthday to Sheryl McGowan, Natalie Robitaille, Gabriela Gondolfe, Tom Perry, Angela Marie Verrocchi, Lena Angiulo, Mr Vasanthan, Kelly Farr Scarry, Nathan Fevry, Diana Andrade, Maddie Poplawski, Michael Alexander, Tori Sowle, Jake Ardolino, Armando DeSousa Cabral, Jim Cooper, Jay Nadeau, Jay West, James Sordillo, Nancy Dervishian, Jill Moon, Nikki Marie, Joe Hall, Kevin Conley, Marie Voulgaris (Marie Fucile),

Pat O’Connor, Larry Travaglione, Randy MacArthur, Leo Henry, Liam McCain, Frank Olivieri, Darlene Kelly Dumond, Vittorio Grossi, David Byron, Victor Diprisco, Maria Nallar Sanderson, Phyllis Tresilian Chandler, Diane Carvalho, Allan Spires, Paula Getrost-Blois, Anthony Auciello, Marie Connolly m, Paula Burton, Eddie Bobby, Franky Fulkerson Jr., Lori Santos Santoro, Wai Lee, Antony P Carvello, Doreen Jenkins, Robert Desrochers, Erik Hickey, Erika Ciampi, Frank Lange, Jamie Phillion, David M Carleton, Michael Collins, Luis Guzman, Antonio D’Agostino, Maria Santos Levesque, Ashli Palmer Bossi (LaLa), Lauren Donovan, Linda Rod, Marie DiFava, Ashley Auciello, Kasasafras Lynch, Linda Castor Kolonovich Lmt, John Ross, Keith Fitzpatrick, Dixon Hand, Lisa Labella (Killoren ), John Pemberton, June Litwinsky, Gilbert Ho, Robert Sheehan Jr, Tom Griffin, Rose Gagliardi, Krystal Hickey (KiKi), Christopher J. Lind, Kim Winfield Shaw, Susan Harrington, Susan OBrien, Robert Miller, Aaron Michlewitz, Dina Lyn, Valery Gangi Banks Allen and Happy 7th Birthday Gianna

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[caption id="attachment_85076" align="alignnone" width="300"] Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

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